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Irene-ravaged areas start to see signs of recovery

Posted September 30, 2011

— Five weeks after Hurricane Irene swept through eastern North Carolina, residents there are starting to see signs of recovery. Gov. Bev Perdue saw those same developments Friday in a visit to Bertie and Pamlico counties and traveled to the Hatteras Island community of Waves.

More than 28,000 people have registered with the Federal Emergency Management Agency for assistance from the storm that reached landfall Aug. 27. Grants of $20 million have been approved for homeowners and renters.

FEMA said about 100 families have registered for trailers. This week, 18 of the temporary homes arrived in Pamlico County and eight were delivered to Beaufort County.

"This is when it is really hard. For the next year, these people who have lost everything have to pick up their lives," Perdue said.

Places like Waves are still isolated as North Carolina Highway 12 remains closed south of Nags Head where a storm surge breached the road. The Department of Transportation wants the road reopened with temporary repairs early next month.

Audrey and Ray Lupton's house in Lowland was flooded with 18 inches of water from Irene. The North Carolina Baptist Men helped pull up the floor boards, but the house still has mold growing in it. The couple has been living there despite the problems.

"It's been a hectic time, a hard time," Audrey Lupton said. 

The Luptons have contacted FEMA for help. 

"I have flood insurance. If you have flood insurance, they want you wait until you hear from the flood insurance before they can help you," Audrey Lupton said. 

On Friday, the Luptons received a FEMA trailer. 

"It's wonderful. We won't be smelling the mold and sleeping in it," Audrey Lupton said. 


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  • fatchanceimwrong Sep 30, 2011

    5 weeks after? Doesn't seem to high of a priority to her.

  • affirmativediversity Sep 30, 2011

    You obviously have no clue what a loan is or who this money is helping, do you? per wdprice3


    You obviously don't have a clue what a "grant" is...and frankly I don't care who the money goes to or what their sorry "I'm a victim" story is...OUR TAX MONEY IS NOT THEIR PERSONAL "I WANT TO LIVE IN A HURRICANE PRONE SANDBAR" SLUSH FUND!

  • Thought Criminal WS Sep 30, 2011

    Arthur, I have a problem with my tax money being spent for her to check on her vacation properties under the guise of state interests or hurricane releif.

    I would not care about corruption or graft if the basic services and needs of the people were met FIRST. I've a problem when we're closing schools for blind children but offering triple the $ amount needed to her own son and supporters. I've a problem when the beaches are being closed to the public under the guise of environmental protection but the property value of the elite is protected as well.

    Now if the people's needs were met 1st, enjoy your mansions, jetliners, and vacation properties and do what you want but robbing from blind kids and pulling these antics then saying we don't have enough money for highway and education...Yes we do, if you'd quit STEALING it!!!

    I demand a higher quality of overlord.

  • Shamrock Sep 30, 2011

    "Bev had better worry about the "other" headline about her today instead of touring the state and trying to look good.":

    She probably is worried about the other headline today. That is why she is out there touring.

  • sunshine1040 Sep 30, 2011

    This must be her pre vacation vacation trip opps they are both strictly business. Sure they are

  • wdprice3 Sep 30, 2011

    "20 MILLION of OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS...maybe someone should tell these folks that we can't afford to keep rebuilding are repairing THEIR PRIVATE PROPERTY that THEY INSIST on building on A SANDBAR STUCK OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF HURRICANE ALLEY!!!!

    20 MILLION...How many teachers would that have kept employed Bev?"

    You obviously have no clue what a loan is or who this money is helping, do you?

  • wrossig Sep 30, 2011

    Good for her

  • hunter38 Sep 30, 2011

    Bev had better worry about the "other" headline about her today instead of touring the state and trying to look good.

  • Frank Downtown Sep 30, 2011

    Kilquian- you would probably gripe is she didn't go?!

  • pmck Sep 30, 2011

    Hey - it's only been a month...