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Ex-NCSU head starts new job heading nutrition hub

Posted September 20, 2011

— The former North Carolina State University chancellor unseated for his role in hiring former Gov. Mike Easley's wife is back to leading a research institution affiliated with the University of North Carolina System.

James Oblinger takes over Tuesday as president of the David H. Murdock Research Institute in Kannapolis. The institute is the centerpiece of the North Carolina Research Campus, which searches for discoveries into the links between nutrition and disease.

Oblinger has spent the past two years on the faculty of NCSU's Plants for Human Health Institute at the research campus. His academic career has been in the field of food science.

The North Carolina Research Campus is a public-private venture between the UNC system and David Murdoch, the billionaire owner of Dole Foods. Researchers from several North Carolina universities and corporate partners are studying plant-based foods, human nutrition and disease prevention.

Oblinger resigned as head of NCSU in 2009 amid questions over his role in the hiring and promotion of former first lady Mary Easley, a controversy that also led the provost and trustee chairman to resign.


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  • ncguy Sep 20, 2011

    he landed on his feet- has enough money and will play golf 3 times a week and relax.

    The golden democratic parachute
    Reward for taking one for the team...

  • Bellar1 Sep 20, 2011

    I had the privilege of knowing him pretty well, and no, I was not an administrator, just a state employee. He always struck me as honest and dedicated to his work. He made some bad decisions and paid dearly for them, I wish him the best in his latest endeavor.

  • wildcat Sep 20, 2011

    Oh, I thought it would be S. Lowe. Bring us an up date on Mr. Lowe and let us know what he is doing now.

  • LovemyPirates Sep 20, 2011

    I have lots of respect for Dr. Oblinger. He is a good person who got caught up in "Easley world." That said, this is the reason why younger researchers and PhD's can't find work. Those who already qualify for a good retirement keep on going, long after they should have stepped aside for younger faculty to start up the ladder. This is why it will be very difficult for there to be real costs savings on university campus - tenured faculty hang around when they could and should go to Adjunct status. Heck, most Colleges would let them volunteer.

  • RTend Sep 20, 2011

    Oblinger's not a bad person - just a full participant in the good old boy network. Sadly, he didn't learn much from the Easley experience, and allowed Larry Nielsen to appoint Duane Larick as Dean of the Graduate School through a dirty back-room deal just before Nielsen stepped down. And what does Larick do in turn? He created a temporary position for his own son, illegally fired someone through a RIF and then filled the position, hires someone with little professional experience and no financial experience to manage a multi-million dollar student support fund....
    These good old boys just don't realize that they can't do whatever they want with state funds and state positions. On second thought, for the most part, I guess experience has proven that they can.

  • SMAPAEA Sep 20, 2011

    just everyone...don't look him in the eyes...he hates that...

  • snossg1 Sep 20, 2011

    Jim Oblinger is a great man and I am happy to see him get this job. He will do a wonderful job. Believe me those of you against him don't know the whole story. I ask you to ask yourself what ever happen to Governor Easley on this matter, nothing because their was nothing there!

  • umop apisdn Sep 20, 2011

    "We didn't call him status-quoblinger without reason."

    Ahahaha, hadn't heard that before.

  • Riddickfield Sep 20, 2011

    Not the strongest leader, got strong armed into the easly mess as well. We didn't call him status-quoblinger without reason.

  • ICTrue Sep 20, 2011

    Sometimes no pen is strong enough to keep them away from the trough if they want it bad enough.