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NC races to repair damaged coastal highway

Posted September 9, 2011

Photo courtesy Donnie Bowers

— North Carolina transportation officials say crews are making good progress on repairing breaches to N.C. Highway 12 caused by Hurricane Irene, but the coastal highway is now being battered by the effects of another storm. NC Hwy 12 Rodanthe road repair

Pieces of a temporary bridge for the largest breach to the highway that connects Hatteras Island to the rest of the Outer Banks began arriving this week. Once assembled, the $2.6 million temporary bridge will span 662 feet.

But even as crews worked on those repairs, the state Transportation Department said other parts of N.C. 12 in Rodanthe and Hatteras were closed because of overwash kicked up by Hurricane Katia. Although the Category 1 storm is not expected to hit land, it's passing close enough to affect the East Coast.

NCDOT estimates that the roadway could be fully reopened sometime in early October, weather permitting.


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  • mmtlash Sep 9, 2011

    Just a reminder that alot of the folks who drive on Hwy 12 are not necessarily even residents or tourists. Some of the folks commute from the poorer inland areas to work in the stores and restaurants on the islands. Alot of that area, aside from the immediate beach areas, tends to be rather poor and economically depressed so really alot of folks depend on this road so they can get their paychecks to feed their families...

  • Big Mike Sep 9, 2011

    WTG NC DOT!!!!!..My one and only vacation this year is at Ocracoke Village on Oct prayers are for good weather so you can do your job...

  • vraptor Sep 9, 2011

    So where is Hurricane Maria going??? The more inlets we have out of the bay to the sea; the better. According to people I know who own boats; Oregon Inlet is a nightmare for small boats. The rip currents are massive.

  • oceanchild71 Sep 9, 2011

    "if tourism is so great out there,i say let them keep the money made on tourism and pay the tax and then they can keep that road up themselves take the state equipment and let them hire contractors to keep rebuilding that road so those people that have lived there for generations can still pay taxes and won't have to ask for anything" elmer

    Residents in the coastal counties would LOVE to keep all the tax receipts in their counties and would LOVE to pay for all the repairs, etc from those receipts.

    All you people talking about the "rich fat cats" at the beach really have no clue. The only "rich fat cats" are out-of-staters and a very very few local folks. Most residents get up and go to work every single day just like the rest of us. The only difference is they have to deal with whiny, demanding tourons who leave their minds and manners at home when invading the beach. All you people griping about the coastal counties need to get a grip and get your heads out of your hole.

  • oceanchild71 Sep 9, 2011

    "Easy easy folks BEV needs those votes from the rich fat cats that built those million dollar homes on shifting sand....she needs all she can get" hunter38

    Nice try but most of the "million dollar homes" are owned by non-residents meaning they CANNOT vote in North Carolina.

  • lolly Sep 9, 2011

    I agree with Hunter.

  • Duke _Nukem Sep 9, 2011

    When they rebuild that road with your and my tax money I'm going down there and going to spend an entire day just driving back and forth on it. I wonder how long it'll take before the millionaires call the police to make me stop driving up and down "their" road. What a waste of money so millionaires can have their summer homes.

  • joewalsh Sep 9, 2011

    Racing to finish it before it gets destroyed again. Wonderful way to spend my money.

  • hunter38 Sep 9, 2011

    Easy easy folks BEV needs those votes from the rich fat cats that built those million dollar homes on shifting sand....she needs all she can get

  • emerald7575 Sep 9, 2011

    Fix? How about replace! The State never fixs anything.