Lawmaker calls NAACP, Barber 'racist'

Posted May 27, 2011

— An eastern North Carolina lawmaker is standing behind his characterization of the NAACP and its state president as racist.

Rep. Stephen LaRoque, R-Lenoir, sent a May 14 e-mail to the NAACP, in response to an announcement from the group about a Greenville news conference to protest budget cuts proposed by Republican lawmakers.

The announcement read, in part, "Tea Party extremists seized the Republican Party and declared war on African Americans, poor people and other minorities."

"I have no interest in receiving anything from a Racist such as William Barber," LaRoque wrote in his reply, referring to the state president for the NAACP. "He and the NC NAACP represent everything that is wrong with race relations in our state and country. You should be ashamed of yourself for continuing to promote racism but that is the modern day legacy of the NAACP as a racist organization led by Racist individuals who are Cowards."

Barber said Friday that he was shocked by the comments, but LaRoque said he has no intention on backing off.

"I'm sick of getting these race-baiting, racist-type action alerts, e-mails, whatever you want to call them," LaRoque said in an interview at his Kinston office. "The modern-day NAACP promotes racism. That's what they're doing. They're stirring the racial pot. It's where they get their funding. It's how they get their influence."

Rep. Stephen LaRoque Lawmaker calls NAACP, Barber 'racist'

Barber said he's raising awareness and fighting to stop what he calls a frontal attack on civil rights, economic justice and education. He and several others were arrested Tuesday during an outburst at the General Assembly.

"He's willing to go in and disrupt the House of Representatives? How dare he? Who does he think he is?" LaRoque said. "It's time for North Carolinians to shun this type of individual."

Barber said he has no interest in engaging in "the politics of yesterday." He said he would continue working to find common ground on the budget and that he plans to pray for LaRoque.

Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger neither condoned or condemned LaRoque's e-mail when asked about it, but he said his colleague could have expressed his feelings without resorting to name-calling.

"I think many times people will talk about particular issues, and they probably articulate themselves in ways that are not helpful to the overall discussion. I would say that fits within that characterization," Berger said.


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  • 2AMANDA2 May 31, 2011

    parcman... i somewhat see your point. as a black woman i'm not a fan of things like affirmative action because i would like to get jobs and opportunities on my merits. on the flip side, i do realize that without affirmative action... i wouldn't be considered for a lot of those opportunities unfortunately because of my race. those programs were put in place to assure that minorities get some of the same opportunites as others. as for race-related questions on applications and such... there is no legal requirement to answer them and most now have the option "decline to answer" or "i prefer not to answer" or some variation

  • 2AMANDA2 May 31, 2011

    gman007... how is that the definition of racism? the organization and others like it was created because all races OTHER THAN European Americans were not treated equally or fairly. or were you offended by my use of the phrase European American? I just call it like i see it. There are Native Americans (original americans), African Americans (though there's more white africans than black), etc... why shouldn't white people be called European Americans if everyone else is listed by their country of origin.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU May 31, 2011

    Picture in your mind...someone smoking in the non-smoking section of a restaurant. If you tell him to STOP, it is YOU who the smoker will say is rude. Ironic, isn’t it.

    Same thing here.

    This leader (in the majority racial population) doesn’t want to accomodate the minority. He’s “done enough” for them. He’s finished with all that “accomodation stuff”. So, he lashes out at the minority leader as RACIST. In reality, LaRogue needs to realize that he’s smoking his racist cigarette in a room full of other people and extinguish that puppy.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU May 31, 2011

    For those people denying that White Advocacy groups exist, here's a list of 21 that exist in the U.S. alone.


  • ProudBlackSingleMother May 31, 2011

    LaRoque is my hero!!!!!!!

  • parcman May 31, 2011

    the article stated...Tea Party extremists seized the Republican Party and declared war on African Americans, poor people and other minorities....now how is a party that is a response to the excessive " taking" of peoples money got a doggone thing to do with race?...mr. barber can spew all kinds of garbage about race, start arguments by race baiting and down right lies about people.i and many people feel the same way. how can blacks move forward and truly be equal members of society by including race in everthing? if you want special treatment just because of color then that is racism.if mr. barber truly wants blacks to be equal members of society it looks to me like he would fight to have all references of color removed from all avenues of life including the postal exams, contracts with the state, hiring quotas and etc. until this happens i must believe that he and the naacp are trying to exploit other races and will do all that is in my power to promote other races to make them equal.

  • gman007 May 31, 2011

    'thanks for showing your ignorance... the NAACP is for ALL races other than European American..' 2amanda2.

    Now, that's ignorance, but the perfect definition of racism.

  • SARCASTICLES May 30, 2011

    COMMUNITY CALENDAR UPDATE: The previous post that enraged the racists by calling them racists has been removed. The ORIGINAL POST, once again:

    COMMUNITY CALENDAR: The shed-yuled cross-burnin' for this weekend has been cancelled due a shortage of narrow-mindedness and ignorance, and a lack of blind hatred.....naw, just kiddin'....there's PLENTY! Just take a gander at these posts. ;)

  • 2AMANDA2 May 30, 2011

    hi_i_am_wade said...
    "It is time for the media to ignore the racists at the NAACP. Until we stop focusing on race, racism will always be around. Disband by force any organization that caters to a person's race unless they are all represented. Where is the NAAWP (white) and the NAAOP (oriental) and the NAALP (latino) and the NAAPIP (Pacific islander)? There is a black caucus in the senate, so where is the white caucus and the oriental caucus and the latino caucus and the Pacific islander caucus?"

    thanks for showing your ignorance... the NAACP is for ALL races other than European American. no need for all the other break downs. no one jumped on mr barber's back when the NAACP stood up for the hispanic families in stony brook whose homes have been removed without their knowledge.

    i may not always agree with his methods, but he is the president of the state NAACP for a reason. folks have the right to bote him in AND out so he must be getting results!

  • mwilson110 May 30, 2011

    I have first hand experience with Rev. Barber. It's not so much what he wants to accomplish, but his methods are deplorable and extremely divisive. Rather than seeking better race relations, his methods serve to widen the divide. Steven LaRoque has more courage than most. It is unfortunate that someone had to stand up like this because he will pay a price in the media. There are a lot of minorities doing things for the right reason, but Rev. Barber's tactics overshadow anything he may be doing good. There is only one side - Rev. Barber's.