Capitol Police fear staff reductions due to budget cuts

Posted May 17, 2011

— State Capitol Police Officer Patrick Maynard's job is to protect the state Department of Motor Vehicles office on New Bern Avenue.

Last January, his training paid off when an employee's estranged husband came to her work place, violating a restraining order against him.

Maynard saw the man on a surveillance camera and called for back up. The man was arrested. He had a weapon under the seat of his vehicle, along with duct tape and rope.

“Having me on site here, I was able to immediately respond. I was already here. My backup, he responded in just a couple of minutes,” Maynard said.

Maynard is worried that type of service won't be available if a proposed 45 percent reduction in staff on the state Capitol Police force remains in next year's state budget.

“That cost saving that we would realize on the state level by that cut immediately rolls over to a local, unfunded mandate on the local level,” Maynard said.

The House wants to eliminate 40 of the 89 positions on the force.

Capitol Police Chief Scott Hunter said the cuts would turn his full-service, 24-hour police force into building security officers and leave many of their present duties to local law enforcement.

“All of the things that happen outside the facilities and around it become the responsibility of the Raleigh Police Department,” Hunter said.

Capitol Police fear staff cuts Capitol Police fear staff cuts

Hunter said those duties include monitoring rallies on state property, and other police work needed outside state office buildings.

Lawmakers say the cuts would save $2 million.

Hunter said his department favors Gov. Bev Perdue's budget proposal, which includes cuts to Capitol police that are more manageable and won't compromise safety.


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  • rroadrunner99 May 18, 2011

    There's the Raleigh P.D. and Wake Co. Sheriff Dept. get rid of all of the Capital Police save all that money. let the Law Enforcement of the City and County take over eliminate duplication of services.

  • bowhunterjunkie May 18, 2011

    They are the first line of defense if anything happens. 2# They help untold amount of employees with every day problems. 3# They ensure the security of our state with there presence and enforcing the laws. 4# They risk there lives by just putting on the uniform for complete strangers and being there.

    I do that everyday too and I am not a LEO. I teach!!!!!

  • OGE May 18, 2011

    Yeah but the Capitol Police are IN the buildings not just policing around them!!

    Yes they are along with the Wake County Sheriffs...talk about redundancy.

  • TheDude abides... May 18, 2011

    cuz that makes too much sense

  • cunhell29 May 18, 2011

    These officers do alot moore than just sit at the door. They are the first line of defense if anything happens. 2# They help untold amount of employees with everyDay problems. 3# They ensure the security of our state with there presence and enforcing the laws. 4# They risk there lives by just putting on the uniform for complete strangers and being there. Go ahead call them un-needed and over paid desk workers,but keep in mind when some upset citizen tired of big goverment decides they want to take there frustrations out on a state building . The same people who comment here and feel the need to trash and minimalize there postions are the first complain and lay fault with whoever. Ever wonder what would happen if LAW ENFORCEMENT,FIRE AND EMS took a day off. Harder times are coming who will stand up and help,Judging by some posters here not them!!!!!!!

  • jaydosse May 18, 2011

    Crime Control and Public Safety recently reported that there are over 550 gangs with almost 49,000 members in NC. Why not retrain these Capitol Police Officers , get them into physical condition and let them hunt down the gangbangers who are terrorizing our streets across this state.

  • elliesmom May 18, 2011

    The State Capitol Police do a great service to all those who work and visit downtown offices, museums and points of service and they do it for very low pay. Raleigh PD has no jurisdiction over state buildings and they do not patrol state grounds (they already cover everything from the Johnston County line to the Durham County line with a fairly small force and there is clearly no money to add jobs there). My state building serves more than 100,000 visitors each year, 50,000 of whom are school children, and I for one am thankful that we now have one sworn officer screening visitors, ensuring that weapons do not enter our building, and ensuring that the people who visit and work in our state building are as safe as possible. It astounds me that the GA will put forward spending $1 million on a covered walkway for themselves and keep their own police force, but eliminate an essential security service to state employees and citizens. Fabulous judgement.

  • lorenait May 18, 2011

    The RPD should put volunteers to work here.. There are a lot of retired people that would probably volunteer to do these types of work. Beats sitting in the house. Also, why not tap on Volunteer groups in general. I see minor crimes all the time.. Small stuff like people running red lights, speeding, passing in no passing zones. Since Video cameras are so common these days, why not allow citizen volunteers to record violations, and send them into a Police run web site. Would be no different than the Red Light Camera's, except that you would have 10,000 eyes with cameras helping the RDP out.

  • SouthernLady05 May 18, 2011

    RPD doesn't have the time to play receptionist at government buildings. If there is a huge threat, they respond either way... but there isn't the manpower available on RPD to have a sworn officer checking everyone's ID. Hire private security.

    Funny, there is no mention on WRAL of the City of Raleigh's budget cuts proposed yesterday. The one's that largely raise medical premiums, cut all increases for employees, reduce 401k, etc, but still gives a ton of money to parks... affordable housing (you know... there areas where RPD is ALWAYS at a call). The Police Officers in Raleigh are already underpaid... and now this. I guess that Downtown Ampitheather and Roundabout on Hillsborough was really worth is Meeker?

  • ezLikeSundayMorning May 18, 2011

    If there really is a seperate General Assembly force, they should be rolled into State Capitol Police. At least save some overhead.

    This is my frustration with so many layers of gov't. The state can just cut services and leave it to the locals to pickup. All that does is shift who takes the blame for tax increases. If the state wants to handoff responsibilities they should have to stop collecting the revenue for it, so the locals can collect it.

    Just like local gov't has to tell people what the break even new tax rate would be when property is revalued, the state should have to show the real break even point on these unfunded mandates. If the state saves $1million, but locals have to raise taxes $700K, then granted they saved $300K, but they shouldn't pretend they didn't raise taxes.