N.C. Republicans won't fight Perdue's veto

Posted February 22, 2011

— Republican legislative leaders say they won't try to override Gov. Bev Perdue's veto of Senate Bill 13, a measure that would have expanded Perdue's budget powers while taking about $75 million out of state economic development funds.

Senate Bill 13 would have collected about $540 million to help bridge next year's estimated $2.4 billion budget gap. About $400 million would have come from cuts Perdue said she could make in current-year spending and reserves. The balance would have been taken from a long list of special funds, including three used to support job recruitment and economic development 

“This bill started out as a way to help North Carolina secure $400 million in additional savings from state government agencies during this difficult budget time,” Perdue said in a statement. “I suggested that bill to the General Assembly and was ready to sign that legislation. But the bill in its current form forces a one-time cash-grab from funds that are intended to create jobs and spur economic development. That’s not the right move for North Carolina, where jobs simply must be our No. 1 priority.”

Republican legislative leaders argued that the funding cuts wouldn't hurt job recruitment. But Democrats said thousands of new jobs would be at risk if businesses backed out of negotiations here and moved on to other states.

House Minority Leader Joe Hackney, D-Orange, was "happy to hear" about the veto. 

"No matter what the proponents of the bill say, it does and has already put a stop to job creation efforts out of the Department of Commerce. We just don’t want that in this recessionary era," he said. 

Senate Leader Phil Berger, R-Rockingham, said the veto "makes it more difficult to balance the state’s budget without cutting teachers’ jobs and negatively impacting our classrooms."  But he said Republicans would not try to override the veto, acknowledging they couldn't muster the needed three-fifths vote in the House.  

Instead, leaders have filed a new measure requiring Perdue to hold back $538 million from the current-year budget – the same amount as Senate Bill 13 would have saved – but letting her decide where the cuts should be made.  

Reactions to Perdue's veto

House Speaker Thom Tillis said he was disappointed in Perdue's veto. 

"She has said as recently as last week that she is committed to balancing the budget and protecting the jobs of teachers and state employees. But with this veto, the Governor makes balancing the budget more difficult, and makes it harder to protect teachers and state employees," he said in a statement. 

State Democratic Party Chairman David Parker said the party stands behind Perdue's veto.

"In doing so, she has shown her resolve to stand up to the foolhardy actions of Republican financiers and their temporary majority in the General Assembly," he said in a statement.

Senate Democratic Leader Martin Nesbitt, D-Buncombe, also supported Perdue.

"Without a doubt, we need to cut state spending to balance the budget. But a bill that eliminates funding for critical job creation programs is a threat to our economic future," Nesbitt said in a statement."The only way out of the mess we’re in is to grow our way out. We can’t expect to see economic expansion if we cut the very programs that bring new jobs and new investment to North Carolina."


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  • mep Feb 23, 2011

    GOP is just giving the Democrats some more rope (Debt) to hang themselves with come the next election. With about a 2.5 BILLION dollar budget shortfall, and we owe another 2.5 BILLION dollars to the Federal govt.... yup, Bev sure has it all under control. How do you think she is going to keep every one of the State employees employed AND not raise taxes? Liberal/money spenders (other peoples money) think there is no limit on how far the govt can dig itself into debt.

  • cvhomes Feb 23, 2011

    Even a kid knows that when the piggy bank is empty you can't spend at Walmart. Why democrats choose to ignore Economics 101 is beyond me. Bev is about to have another fire hydrant moment.

  • WooHoo2You Feb 23, 2011

    Only a liberal/entitlement democrat thinks that NOT funding a government bureaucracy 'stops' job creation...LOL@ the sheepherders'...!!!-GWALLY

    And only conservative/money hoarders think the government can run off of air and their 'moral superiority.'

  • GWALLY Feb 23, 2011

    ..."it does and has already put a stop to job creation efforts out of the Department of Commerce..."

    Only a liberal/entitlement democrat thinks that NOT funding a government bureaucracy 'stops' job creation...LOL@ the sheepherders'...!!!

  • MakoII Feb 23, 2011

    Nice to see both sides lack a backbone. They won't fight her veto. She won't veto the HC bill that she claims she opposes.

    Isn't this the problem? People elected to do something FOR the people, but lacking the will do to it?

    All I CAN say is Bev sure showed backbone about her corporate welfare. Seems when Corporations talk, she listens. They must have not greased the fingers of the new legislators. Perhaps they bet on the losing side that had power for like ever.

    They won't make that mistake next time.

  • FromClayton Feb 23, 2011

    well it looks to me like we can either save money for possible job creating maybe, sometime in the future, possibly, or we can save the jobs we already have right now. teachers and other state employees. sure wish it had passed.

  • FairPlay Feb 23, 2011

    Thank you for standing up to the far right wing tyranny, Governor!! Remember this state is not comprised wholly of tea party whackos who try to screech as loudly as possible on the internet so they can try to feel better about themselves. Millions of decent, hard working folks support you. Keep at 'em!!!

    Geosol.. she only won the state by a percent or two thanks to straight ticket lazy voters. She was voted most likely to be unseated by Washington Magazine. Good luck to you and those thousands as you will need to keep each other company when she loses the next election for failing to balance the budget and do the majority of the peoples bidding.

  • FairPlay Feb 23, 2011

    Of course they will let the VETO stand. It will go on her record and she will be a one termer for sure when the budget does not get balanced and she has to cut teacher jobs to save this money.

    Smart move!

  • farsupply Feb 23, 2011

    Governor Perdue, like so many other politicians, seems not to understand that 75% of ALL employment in the United States occurs not in major corporations, "too big to fail" banks, or huge multi-national conglomerates, but in small, family-owned businesses. How much of that $75 million "economic incentive"/bribe money she referenced will actually go to spur small business growth? Not one thin dime, I'm willing to bet.

    This is because there is little political advantage or media fanfare when helping 670,0000 NC small businesses keep their doors open, but plenty of zing when cutting the ribbon on a few hundred "potential jobs" at some new tech giant or pharmaceutical plant that will only stay here until the signing bonus and tax breaks run out.

  • Z Man Feb 23, 2011

    Just listen to those saying we've got to bribe these companies to relocate/stay here. Here's an idea... the federal goverment should outlaw these incentives... since the states can't seem to understand that if no one offers monetary incentives then the companies will relocate/stay anyway. Geez.