NC House bill would allow school tax credits

Posted February 9, 2011

— North Carolina House Republicans introduced a bill this week that would help cover private school tuition for some children.

House Bill 41, as it is now, would allow for a tax credit up to $3,500 per year per student for qualifying families with a household income under $100,000 and a student that has been enrolled in a public school for at least a year.

State education leaders have said a tuition tax credit to home school or enroll children in private schools would devastate the public school system.

“I’m surprised such educated people would say such things without apparently reading the bill,” said the bill’s co-sponsor, House Majority Leader Paul Stam.

“They call it vouchers. There’s not a voucher in it,” Stam, R-Wake, said. “They say it takes money from public schools. It doesn’t.”

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction says students are funded at nearly $8,450 each. The proposed tax credit of up to $3,500 would be a difference of $4,950.

“It saves money, which would be available for public school funding,” Stam said.

Rep. Rick Glazier, D-Cumberland, and other Democrats say that it is not the public’s responsibility to provide private school choices for parents.

“The biggest problem with this bill is (that) it devalues public education,” Glazier said. “This is a bill frankly carried out to its logical conclusion will re-segregate the public schools, in my opinion, and create extraordinary costs – not only in the school system but society, and that's the bigger issue here.”

The bill has been referred to the House Committee on Education for review and could undergo some revisions before it goes to the House floor for a vote.


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  • blackdog Feb 10, 2011

    My wive an me want to homescool our child we don't need some pointy headed liberal telin us what to think our problems are and we no better how too learn them.

  • blackdog Feb 10, 2011

    I want to set up a school that ignores science in favor of religous belief. No jews, catholics, methodists, or babtists allowed. It will be satanic.

  • Plenty Coups Feb 10, 2011

    I want to set up a school for the Aryan master race. My teachers will all have to be graduates of prison and we will only alow little Aryans to attend. Can't wait for all the tax dollars starting to flow in. (sarcasm)

  • johntww Feb 10, 2011

    Why do you have to have been in a public school for a year? Wouldn't it be easier if you just gave everyone making under $100,000 the tax credit if they sent their child to private school. Great Idea.

  • Alex25 Feb 10, 2011

    It's 100% about Choices and Outcomes for the Kids and Parents --- NOT the Public Educ Bur'cracy. Not 1 iota.

  • meandgin Feb 10, 2011

    Personally, I think this is a wonderful idea! Kids who are homeschooled or in private schools don't add to transportation costs, rising food prices, or overcroweded classrooms. We have a huge budget shortfall and student enrollment is steadily rising. We don't have the money to keep going the way we are going now.

  • trust Feb 10, 2011

    "Do your math folks. Public schools would still get $4950 for every student lost to a private school."

    No. I guess you need a math refresher course. 1 student = $8k. zero students = $0.

    bill0-I think you have to pay taxes forward in order to claim a tax credit. Therefore, that $4950 would still go to public education.

  • djcalaska Feb 10, 2011

    Ideally, if all the rules worked to the better of the system and no one found a way to abuse the system this could save taxpayers money. I do not see enough people doing this to make a substancial difference; however, it is a start! If the educators really wanted to help the students they would go to some of the educators outside the state and ASK for direction. That is not a crime..

  • mep Feb 10, 2011

    "you aren't even paying your share of your child's education costs"....

    Bill0 Apparently you have not looked at your property tax bill, or seen the Federal distribution of taxes towards the Dept of Education, or cared to notice all the state and local sales taxes you pay each and every day.... taxes are taxes and a large chunk of them go towards education. If I were not forced to fund public education, yes I could afford to send my kids to private school.... and college. Because I know how much taxes I already pay, where it goes, and how to manage my own money. Something the govt can not seem to do.

  • bill0 Feb 10, 2011

    "Do your math folks. Public schools would still get $4950 for every student lost to a private school."

    No. I guess you need a math refresher course. 1 student = $8k. zero students = $0.

    "If I could have all the money collected (taken) from me in taxes at the Federal, State and local level to fund the failing public education system (govt run monopoly), I would have PLENTY of money to send my children to a private school, and college."

    Actually, that is a lie unless you are making a couple million per year. The majority of taxes are paid by the wealthy. Only a tiny fraction of your tax dollars go to education, so unless you are paying hundreds of thousands a year in taxes, you aren't even paying your share of your child's education costs.