NC delegates say Clinton can connect past recovery with today

Posted September 5, 2012

— North Carolina delegates to the Democratic National Convention say that former President Bill Clinton is the right man to remind voters of where they have been in recent years and why President Barack Obama should continue to lead the country.

Clinton, who is credited with turning around a depressed economy when he was first elected in 1992, was to speak Wednesday night after the Democratic Party officially nominates Obama for a second term.

Convention delegates – and other party members – still revere Clinton, and they say his influence will help Obama and sustain the momentum generated by first lady Michelle Obama's Tuesday night convention speech.

"His philosophies and beliefs are consistent with the president's beliefs," 12th District Congressman Mel Watt said.

"He was an incredible president. He had this country moving in the right direction," said state Rep. Becky Carney, D-Mecklenburg.

NC delegates: Clinton can remind voters of past recovery NC delegates: Clinton can remind voters of past recovery

In excerpts of Clinton's speech released by the Obama campaign, the former president said the election presents voters with a choice of the type of country they want.

"If you want a you're-on-your-own, winner-take-all society, you should support the Republican ticket," he said. "If you want a country of shared prosperity and shared responsibility – a we're-all-in-this-together society – you should vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden."

Clinton said Obama inherited "a deeply damaged country" and was able to "put a floor under the crash" and lay the foundation for a modern, balanced economy.

Delegates said Clinton's remarks will remind voters of the nation's past successes in overcoming economic adversity and state that Obama has put the policies and programs in place to lead another recovery.

"We saw times (under Clinton) that were certainly more prosperous than we have seen," Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton said.

Charles Johnson of Rocky Mount, the oldest member of the North Carolina delegation, has been to political conventions since before Clinton was elected. Even he believes in "the Clinton effect."

"All you have to do is look back and see what he inherited and where he led this country when he was president," Johnson said.

He was referring to Clinton, but convention-goers say the same can be said about Obama as well.


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  • Sarge Sep 6, 2012

    But he's not running

  • rokmsokm99 Sep 6, 2012

    Clinton knew enough to stay out of the way of something that was working well. He also knew he had to work with both sides of the aisle to get things done. I'm not seeing President Obama demonstrate either of these.

  • dlnorri Sep 6, 2012

    Who gives clinton credit for a recovery?? What he did was experience the peak of the reagan revolution and restore thousands of pages of tax loopholes that Reagan got removed as part of his econimic plan in the early 80's. Sure a lot of us are suckers, that is washington is the mess it has been for 80 or so years. Hopefully we are waking up and will continue the housecleaning we started two years ago.

  • whatelseisnew Sep 6, 2012

    "He was an excellent President and we all had a job and more $$ in our pockets with $0 deficit and a balanced budget.

    No matter if you are Dem or Repub...thats the facts!"

    No we did not have a zero deficit and it was only after he worked with the Republican Congress that some fiscal improvements showed up. As to the jobs, that was driven by the dot.com boom in combination with year 2000 retrofit work. That was the jobs driver. After the dot com bubble burst and Y2K work ended we had a small economic pullback. Bush got the benefit of the HOUSING bubble during most of his 8 years and that was the main reason unemployment stayed high. Then the bubble burst. Obama has not had the benefit of a massive driver for the economy and unfortunately he is using the exact wrong techniques to help things during a tough economic period.
    I find it humorous that the people claiming to be the champion of Women are putting Clinton out front. That is sad and sick.

  • trianglelawns Sep 6, 2012

    No matter your party...Bill Clinton was WRONG for his wrong doings in his personal life...

    HOWEVER...Members are both parties....He was an excellent President and we all had a job and more $$ in our pockets with $0 deficit and a balanced budget.

    No matter if you are Dem or Repub...thats the facts!

  • mep Sep 6, 2012


    Recovery..... what recovery?

  • superman Sep 6, 2012

    If I were running for office I wouldnt want Clinton supporting me. He is like Mr. Parker and John Edwards just white trailer trash. I saw a lot of empty seats. Where were all his supporters? Did JE speak in behalf of the president?

  • Screw WrAl Sep 6, 2012

    No, Clinton is irrelevant.

  • gallbury Sep 6, 2012

    It is truly a shame that in a country with such a wide array of demographics, as in America, that the best the two party system has to offer is either Obama or Romney. One belongs to a party of no ideas; the other to a party of bad ideas, and unfortunately, the order of that statement is interchangable, however, there are those who say that if you don't vote then you have no right to complain; I disagree. By not voting you can complain about both of them.

  • Spidey Sep 6, 2012

    Bubba, right on! Unlike the first two years of Obama when he had the House and Senate controlled by Dems. See what kind of mess they made.