NC Republican delegates get big-name pep talk from NJ governor

Posted August 27, 2012

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie speaks to delegates from North Carolina on Aug. 27, 2012, as part of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.

— New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has an offer North Carolina Republicans can't refuse: Elect Mitt Romney in November, or face another four years of high unemployment.

"I know where to find you, and you do not want an angry Chris Christie coming back to North Carolina on Nov. 7," he told delegates during a breakfast meeting Monday. "(We'll) give you New Jersey-style treatment. You're not going to want that. I guarantee you."

Christie said the upcoming presidential election could hinge on North Carolina, which voted narrowly in 2008 for President Barack Obama. New Jersey made the same mistake, he said.

That's why Christie, a rising star in the GOP, said he's keeping a close eye on North Carolina and will even help campaign for gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory, who hopes to become the state's first Republican governor in 20 years.

"The presidency could be up to you," he said. "That's an incredible burden on the people of North Carolina, but it's also an extraordinary opportunity."

He called North Carolina a "state of consequence," a term likely to be echoed by state party leadership over the next 70 days.

Delegates embraced Christie's message.

"He's absolutely right on," said Earl Phillip, of Charlotte. "He's very motivating, very invigorating, and he's real. That's why he got elected – because he's real."

He added that Christie's mock mafioso style will help inspire passion in North Carolina.

Chris Christie in Tampa Christie fires up NC delegates in Tampa

"He's very convincing, like those guys out of 'Goodfellas,'" Phillip said. "He wants us to be passionate in turning this state into a Republican state by electing McCrory and Romney. The urgency is there, and we've got to work to get the job done."

Bill Lick, of Asheville, said he was pleased to see North Carolina draw the attention of Republican leaders on the national stage.

"(Christie) is a name that is recognized all over the country. Some like him, some don't like him, but everybody knows about him," Lick said. 

Christie will deliver the convention's keynote address on Tuesday night.

North Carolina's delegate breakfasts will feature several stars of the Republican party, including U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and former presidential hopeful Herman Cain, as the lead-up to Romney's official nomination continues through the week.


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  • Crabbit Cratur Aug 28, 2012

    "Most Republicans are afraid to use the same methods Democrats use- lies, misrepresentations, accusations and hyperbole."

    OK that has to be the funniest post so far this week :)

    " Christie isn't afraid to fight them right there in the gutter. That's what democrats fear him."

    Fear him? why? he's not even standing and never will.

    " Oh, they'll say they don't, but the tell-tale sign of fear is when the opposition goes personal against an opponent."

    So the GOP are terrified of Obama?

  • Crabbit Cratur Aug 28, 2012

    "I would like to know the actual percentage of those unemployed that actually have skills that are employable. So many students of today are dropping out and pointing the finger when they should be looking in a mirror."

    Well come back when you have a % and then you just might have a point......

  • Crabbit Cratur Aug 28, 2012

    "no moral high ground left for you or Obama to stand on anymore."

    Even if true he still beats Romney on moral grounds and makes a better President.

  • Offshore Aug 28, 2012

    Agreed. Clinton, he likes Obama, he doesn't like Obama... Pay him enough money and I believe he would support Romney...

    boneymaroney13: Wishing it was Christie 2012...

  • Big D 87 Aug 27, 2012

    Sounds like he's bullying.Didn't some of our troops just get charged for that.We are not suppost to be afraid of our gov.They are suppost to work for us.And if he can help North Carolina if, Mitt gets elected.Then why can't he do it now!!And as for whatswrongwiththisplace.Places like kannapolis ,brevard nc which used to have strong work places,well they went overseas .There are people like my brother in law thats 50 that would love to have a secure job,but after working thirty years in a mill, thats all he knows and after fifty its hard to get a job.

  • +9 Aug 27, 2012

    I would love an election cycle where no one named Bush, Clinton, Cheney, Gingrich, Cantor, Pelosi, and others are not involved. What ever happened to term limits?

  • boneymaroney13 Aug 27, 2012

    Chris Christie 2016.

  • mep Aug 27, 2012

    Ouch... the lefties are none too happy with Chris Christie!

    I'm pretty sure he does not lie any more than regular Democrats or even Obama.... you remember, I'm gonna close gitmo, cut the deficit in half, raising the debt ceiling is "immoral", marriage is between a man and a woman, post bills on-line for 72 hours for debate, most transparent administration, no lobbyists,.... talk about hypocrites. Sorry folks... no moral high ground left for you or Obama to stand on anymore.

  • boneymaroney13 Aug 27, 2012

    "Hope you some day find a candidate who has not worked for the government their whole life." And that would be who, Bill or Hillary Clinton??

  • arfamr1007 Aug 27, 2012

    Hope you some day find a candidate who has not worked for the government their whole life.

    Like BO? Wo has NEVER worked in the private sector and illegally obtained money for college as a foreign national?