McCrory maintains huge fundraising lead

Posted July 11, 2012

— Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton, the Democratic nominee for governor, significantly trails his Republican rival in the fundraising chase, according to numbers released by both campaigns. 

Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory, the Republican nominee, reported he had $4.4 million on hand and that he had raised $2.2 million between late April and June 30.

Dalton reported that he had raised $2.4 million for the entire election cycle, but has spent much of that during the campaign for the May 8 primary. He had $714,479 cash on hand going into July.

“Walter Dalton has shown his ability to win a competitive primary in a compressed calendar and then immediately switch gears to the general election campaign," Dalton campaign manager Caroline Valand said. "We’re pleased with the support Walter Dalton is getting and the momentum he is building everyday for what will be a close, hard-fought, and victorious campaign."

Dalton jumped into the race after incumbent Gov. Bev Perdue announced two weeks before the filing period opened that she would not run for re-election. He fought a pitched campaign against former Congressman Bob Etheridge and state Rep. Bill Faison. 

By contrast, McCrory faced no challenger who had anywhere near his name recognition or funding and coasted to victory. 

"It's not surprising that it's hard to raise campaign funds as a candidate running to continue the failed policies of Gov. Perdue," said McCrory campaign spokesman Ricky Diaz. "North Carolinians are hungry for a change of leadership and are looking for an outsider to come in and fix the state's broken government and broken economy."


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  • Rebelyell55 Jul 12, 2012

    Like George Soros is your neighbor.

    July 12, 2012 10:36 a.m.........Nope, but there are seven multi-millionairs within 2 miles of me. None gave any money.

  • sillywabbitthepatriot Jul 12, 2012

    "Go ask your neighbor or friends if they donated any money to his election"

    OH, give it a rest. Bet you never care where Obama got his gazillions four years ago. Like George Soros is your neighbor.

  • Rebelyell55 Jul 12, 2012

    Go ask your nieghbors or friends if they donated any money to his election. Bet ya you'll find no one. Just where is this money coming from? Believe me folks, this guy ain't running to help the average citizen in NC. Register and vote as an independent and help take our goverment back from these two parties corp. puppets.

  • YippiYiyoKiYay Jul 12, 2012

    "...but I'm making a living right now."....Yeah,you can mock him, but like him some of us are out there actually looking for work and lucking up, or are actually working instead of waiting around for our entitlement check to arrive. Take off the bedroom shoes.

  • YippiYiyoKiYay Jul 12, 2012

    "It's not surprising that it's hard to raise campaign funds as a candidate running to continue the failed policies of Gov. Perdue,".....I agree. Bad move for Wally Dolly, Wally Dolly, Wally Dolly running for the Gov,s office on the heels of the Insane Clown Posse.

  • Danny22 Jul 12, 2012

    We really need to elect McCrory b/c if Obama goes back in, we will need someone who will fight the communism coming our way.

  • BigBangTheorist Jul 12, 2012

    Lobbyist for Governor?

    Exactly! Heck, with Thom Tillis heading up the House, just throw McCrory right in there. That will ensure that the energy companies will have a free pass to destroy our water supplies, decimate our land and pollute our air.

  • unc70 Jul 12, 2012

    Lobbyist for Governor?

  • itsmyownopinion Jul 12, 2012

    "...but I'm making a living right now."

    I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours.

  • justinnc3 Jul 11, 2012

    Clearly, even Democrats are fiscally-responsible enough to realize funding Dalton's campaign is a complete waste of money. This one was done before it even started.