Rep. Womble charged in fatal crash

Posted May 24, 2012

— State Rep. Larry Womble was charged Thursday with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle for his role in a December wreck in Winston-Salem.

Womble, D-Forsyth, and David Allen Carmichael collided head-on on Reynolds Park Road Dec. 2. 

Blood tests on Womble showed no intoxicants in his system, police said, but their investigation showed he crossed the center line and hit Carmichael going about 45 mph.

Carmichael, 54, of 2767 Reynolds Park Road, died at the scene.  

Womble, who was critically injured in the crash, returned to the state legislature Tuesday after months of surgery and recovery. 

He has represented Forsyth County in the General Assembly since 1995. The retired teacher and principal also served on the Winston-Salem Board of Aldermen from 1981 to 1993.

During his nine terms in the legislature, Womble has advocated for compensation for victims of the state's eugenics program during the 20th century. He also was the primary sponsor of the Racial Justice Act, which allows death row inmates to use racial statistics to show bias in sentencing.


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  • Blindman May 25, 2012

    Some of you act as if he should receive a medal rather than a citation. The charge was a misdemeanor. I don't think he will do any time. And if he does, he can appeal under the Racial Justice Act.

  • affirmativediversity May 25, 2012

    I think this was an accident, but somebody died here, and there are consequences to actions whether they are accidental or not. per Wendellcatlover


    There is more to this story than is being told...I'll almost guarantee it.

    First, YES it is unfortunate that someone lost their life in this MVA...BUT if it was just a matter of "an accident" caused by something out of Mr. Womble's control (such as a mechanical issue, weather such as ice, or the sudden onset of an acute medical condition) although he would have been sited as "at fault" he would not have been CRIMINALLY CHARGED!

    It might be nice to know WHY WERE CRIMINAL CHARGES sought? Was Mr. Womble DUI, talking on the phone, texting or otherwise knowingly distracted at the time of the accident?

  • superman May 25, 2012

    He crossed the center line and killed another person. Surely considering the victim and their relatives he certainly should be charged. It was an accident that he caused. Do you think that anyone who kills another person accidently should not be charged? Arent most people charged when an accident happens?

  • Wendellcatlover May 25, 2012

    I think this was an accident, but somebody died here, and there are consequences to actions whether they are accidental or not.

  • judithfergerson May 24, 2012

    sorry jesmyopinion, if you had read the former report on this back in December, you would have seen it was reported that Womble was not wearing a seat belt. I would suggest you research the WRAL past reports of this.

  • mfarmer1 May 24, 2012

    Finally, If it was me or you we would have been charged the next day.

  • warbirdlover May 24, 2012

    It was an accident.

  • Just the facts mam May 24, 2012

    Very strange. Usually it is the drunk driver causing the accident and the innocent person dies. A little role reversal going on here... And also shame on the Rep. if he did not have his seat belt on.

  • westernwake1 May 24, 2012

    This is a tragedy for both families.

    To be fair, while I have disagreed with some of State Rep. Womble;s legislation, I have always considered him to be an individual with integrity and strong values. I applaud his long commitment and service to our state.

  • judithfergerson May 24, 2012

    State Rep. Larry Womble, a Democrat, drove into the path of an oncoming car on December 2, 2011 in a head-on collision that killed the other driver. According to a Winston-Salem police report, Womble, 70, was not wearing a seatbelt when he crossed the center line of a Winston-Salem road about 11 p.m. and hit the car of David Allen Carmichael, 54.Carmichael died at the scene. Even though Carmichael has a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit Womble now faces misdemeanor death by vehicle charges. Misdemeanor death by motor vehicle implies the death was accidental. As for time, I doubt he'll see any. The max punishment might be 60 days in jail. Any other "average citizen" would be doing time for this incident!