Senate passes Medicaid fix

Posted May 16, 2012
Updated May 17, 2012

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— The state Senate voted 47-0 to fill a $205 shortfall in North Carolina's Medicaid health insurance program for the poor and disabled. 

Under a measure that will now go to the House, the Department of Health and Human Services will be able to move money from other sources, including money set aside for building repairs and funds left unspent from across state government at the end of the year.

The shortfall was created because lawmakers anticipated they could save money by making dozens of changes to the state's Medicaid program. However, the federal government needs to sign off on all such changes. Those federal approvals came more slowly -- or have not come at all in some cases -- than lawmakers anticipated, sparking the cost overrun.

Even with the deal making its way through the legislature now, Medicaid may have a shortfall when the fiscal year ends on June 30. Lawmakers say the shortfall could reach $250 million, about $45 million more than Wednesday's fix could patch.


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  • Big D 87 May 18, 2012

    LambeauSouth, I work for the federal government on a military post and all of us go through drug testing as well as the soldiers here and my second job for a private contractor I and all employess had to take a drug test. Everyone gets tested does except for the ones collecting free goverment handouts.

    I was in the military they might make every one pee in a cup but they don't test everybody .They do it random just pick a few and test them.

  • ladyblue May 18, 2012

    Some of you people making comments on here, do not have a clue what requirments are to get on medicade.

    Do you mean medicaid? having worked for DHS in this department, I think i do. And it's amazing how many are eligible at this current time, anything from having their medicare premiums paid to spend downs for some to have medicaid pick up the tab, to getting it all..EVEN TO having someone pick u up at the door and take them to the medical appointments they have.

  • swray001 May 18, 2012

    Some of you people making comments on here, do not have a clue what requirments are to get on medicade.

  • ladyblue May 17, 2012

    And everyone like her? Do you have ANY idea of the COST of doing that? And you guys complain about DEBT spending?!?


    i totally agree with you..

  • MakoII May 17, 2012


    How mis-managed is aviation safety? It's one of the few agencies that don't get watered down.

    How about the Military? People rarely water that down either. Boehner proposed MORE than what the Military asked for!!

    But the EPA, OSHA, FDA, etc get lobbied against and watered down all the time.

    If they were ALLOWED to operate with their original powers granted and not watered down, they would be effective.

    Just like Aviation Safety. Just like NASA was in getting us to the Moon.

    Government only doesn't work, when people MAKE the government not work, so they can prosper from it. It's quite logically designed lobbying. Why can't you see that, is the question.

  • OneLove May 17, 2012

    Surely, the $205 comment in the first sentence is a mis-print. Please tell me we didn't pay senators to "fix" a $205.00 problem. ugggg

  • mep May 17, 2012

    Medicaid.... just one of the many mis-managed, inept, nearly insolvent govt run programs..... like so-called Social Security and Medicare. Poverty here in America is a whole lot different than poverty in the rest of the world.

  • MakoII May 17, 2012

    My mother was a housewife most of her life. Had a few jobs after retirement, so she worked for over 20 years.

    But here retirement is basically SS and $170 bucks a month from one job. My brother puts her on his business health care and soon she'll be on medicare. We both chip in to the tune of $600 bucks to help her pay her mortgage and some credit card debt for her dogs (about the only thing that brings her happiness day-to-day are her pets)

    She was laid off from the Federal Government working on highway safety statistics and now is unemployed and forced into retirement since people are prejudiced about hiring women in their 60's.

    She gets food stamps.

    So you guys basically want to stick a needle in her arm, or force her to drive somewhere to pee in a cup to get her food stamps?

    And everyone like her? Do you have ANY idea of the COST of doing that? And you guys complain about DEBT spending?!?


  • storchheim May 17, 2012

    LadyBlue, they could do a hair test. That shows what, how much, and when. It can't be faked or substituted, so it wouldn't have to be random. Then they'd really have to be off the "stuff" and that should include cigs and booze while we're paying their bills.

    We need to change the SSI rules pronto. Too da*n bad if they're boozehounds or druggies. Why are we continuing to give them money? Let them end up in the gutter, put their kids in orphanages. You mean all I have to do is go in and say I can't stop drinking, and like magic, my job-hunt is over?

    The drug tests won't add a penny, because you see, the recips have a choice to take welfare or not. If they want my money they will pay for the costs of their drug tests.

  • ladyblue May 17, 2012

    Go to any rural Medical Center or Emergency Care facility and simply do a head count.

    that is no way to come to your facts on this issue. You have no way of knowing by head count who has their own private insurance and who is receiving medicaid for the emergency services. No wonder your facts you keep posting are so wrong.