Labor commissioner candidate charged with DWI five times

Posted May 2, 2012

— A Democratic candidate for North Carolina labor commissioner has been charged with driving while impaired five times in the past 22 years, according to a review of court records.

Ty Richardson's latest arrest came in December in Wake County. He is scheduled to appear in court on the charge later this month.

Richardson also was arrested in Wake County in 1990 and 1994, in Nash County in 1991 and in Lenoir County in 1999. He was convicted in one case and had his license suspended. Two other times, he pleaded guilty to lesser charges, and one case was dismissed.

He said Wednesday that voters shouldn't be concerned about his arrests.

"I really don't feel as if it has anything to do with the current situation and the working conditions of the people of the state of North Carolina," he said. "I have been a good neighbor. I have done the things that are necessary. I haven't hurt anyone."

Richardson said he couldn't comment on the pending charge, but Marlowe Foster, another Democratic candidate for labor commissioner, said Richardson's record shows a pattern of poor judgment.

Court Gavel Scales of Justice Candidate says his driving record not a campaign issue

"He's been arrested five times for driving under the influence," Foster said. "I think, if you're going to run as the state's top safety enforcer, that's something the citizens and voters of North Carolina should know as they go to cast their ballot in early voting or cast their ballot on May 8th."

Former Labor Commissioner John Brooks, who also is running against Richardson, declined to comment on the matter.

Labor commissioner heads the state Department of Labor and is tasked with maintaining safe workplaces.

The winner of the Democratic primary will face incumbent Republican Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry, who is running unopposed, in November.


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  • bill0 May 4, 2012

    "pbjbeach, why don't you just say you will always vote for Democrats period.

    It doesn't suprise me either that you'd still vote for a drunk."

    For those lasking reading comprehension skills, this is a democratic primary race. They are all democrats. The general election isn't until Nov.

  • Mom2two May 4, 2012

    Wow. Politics draws all kinds of nutcases, eh?

  • heisenberg May 3, 2012

    Only caught 5 times means he probably does it all the time. He is irresponsible and lacks concern for the safety of others. A lawbreaker with a serious problem.

  • trueblue0100 May 3, 2012

    It would be interesting to know what the outcome was of those arrests. Anyone know?.....tony57

    Read the article. That information is included!

  • eoglane May 3, 2012

    democrats will vote for a homeless bum to keep republicians out of office. They do not care about people, they just love having things their way. Forget the rest of the people He probably will win, however he should not.

  • Ol Forrester May 3, 2012

    He was caught 5 times. Don't vote for this dude.

  • sillywabbitthepatriot May 3, 2012

    pbjbeach, why don't you just say you will always vote for Democrats period.

    It doesn't suprise me either that you'd still vote for a drunk.

    Atleast you learned how to unlock you caps key.

  • yorky1966 May 3, 2012

    No, absolutely not!

  • bill0 May 3, 2012

    Anyone arrest 5 times for DWI either has horrible judgement or has a major drinking problem. Anyone can make a mistake, but something is seriously wrong if you keep making the same "mistake" over and over.

  • Rebelyell55 May 3, 2012

    Just someone else seeking an over paid job in another useless agency in NC, that has not done nothing in the past 20 years to help the citizens of NC. They good at helping state and goverment workers, but that's about it. Way too many people in this agency making way too much money. Time our state auditors look into this agency too. As for this drunk wanting a state job, no way, no how.