McCrory boasts big funding lead in gubernatorial race

Posted April 30, 2012


— With a week to go until North Carolina's primary, Republican Pat McCrory is far ahead of any of the candidates on the Democratic ballot in terms of money stockpiled for the general election.

McCrory, the former Charlotte mayor who is expected to easily win the Republican nomination for governor, raised $1.7 million in the first three months of this year and was holding a Monday night fundraiser at The Angus Barn restaurant featuring former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

While McCrory dines on steak with the $3.1 million in cash his campaign has on hand, the leading Democratic candidates are at the equivalent of a hamburger joint.

Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton raised $650,000 during the first quarter and now has about $670,000 in cash on hand. Former Congressman Bob Etheridge raised more than $310,000 since he entered the race two months ago. Orange County Rep. Bill Faison's campaign finance report wasn't yet available late Monday.

Monday was the deadline for candidates to file their first-quarter finance reports.

"The campaigns are clearly about who's able to raise the most money," Democratic consultant Brad Crone said. "You're going to see that advantage come out in the summer because (McCrory is) going to have the available resources to get on TV and define the Democrats."

Pat McCrory McCrory not taking fundraising lead for granted

The Democrats are at a financial disadvantage because Gov. Beverly Perdue's late decision not to run for re-election left them little time to build campaign war chests, political observers said, adding that they are essentially spending what comes in.

Democratic consultant Gary Pearce called the deficit an "insurmountable obstacle" and said "it will be impossible to make up the gap."

McCrory said he expects that the state and national Democratic Party will eventually pour a lot of money into the gubernatorial election. He said he learned during his loss to Perdue in 2008 of the need to start raising money early.

"I was outspent by Gov. Perdue three to one, and that did not include then-Sen. (Barack) Obama's money that came to North Carolina, which estimates say was well over $20 million," McCrory said.

He said he didn't know how much The Angus Barn dinner would bring in – seats cost from $500 to $8,000 – but added with a smile, "I hope it helps."


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  • rroadrunner99 May 1, 2012

    Oh does he think he is going to buy the Gov. office with that money? I thought we the people had to vote him in???I'm so tired of hearing bragging about how much money they have raised. It should be a law that the limit of spending could not be more than the term in office paid! Then you'd know who really wanted to HELp the people of the state and nation!

  • cwood3 May 1, 2012

    PBJ-you are dreaming when you say the Republicans will be done in November. Absolutely dreaming!! Most NORMAL Americans do not want taxes out the a.. and re-distribution of their hard earned money. That's what the Obama and Co. liberal left wants. All three Dem. candidates want more taxes and more government.

    Obama may be the worst President in history. He is spending America into bankruptcy. Every other word is raise taxes. The opposite word is spend more. So-tax, spend, tax, spend!!! Yada, yada, yada!!

    So go with you occupy brothers who want more handouts-and just hope your buddy Barack or the 3 stooges get elected. hope your not holding your breath on either one.

    Hint 1-I would not bank on Barack.
    Hint 2-Pat's in-no other will be close!

  • UNCfuturealumi May 1, 2012

    I got one vote in for our next governor, Mr. Pat McCrory. I voted for the weakest democrat--well not the weakest--but the one of the top three-- and I know that is a vote for the Republicans

  • loprestw May 1, 2012

    Come on guys, North Carolina has had only 3 republican governors since the 1800"s. The last was in 1993. This states is close to last for education, pays some of the higest state tax, one of the higest sales tax and gas tax, (and she wants to raise tax again), taken money from education to pay off medicaid, we are 2 digits in unemployment, a safe haven for illegals and crime compared to large American cities, i.e. Detroit. Give republicans a chance, it sure won't do any harm of what the democrats has already done.

  • jlp May 1, 2012

    Still waiting for those tax returns Pat. Guess he doesn't want you to know that he has been paid to run for governor for 10 years. It should make you wonder that he works for a law firm that specializes in lobbying, however he is not a lawyer or a lobbyist. What is he being paid for? Follow the money folks.

  • Zoo007 May 1, 2012

    A smaller and more accountable government cannot get here fast enough. I just hope that the republican lead house and senate along with the Governorship will lead us this way. Democrats have had their turn at the wheel for way to long in NC. Lets se what a new vision can do.

  • wildpig777 May 1, 2012

    if mc crory WILL NOT listen to tillus or berger and if he will refuse to allow those 2 clowns to have any influenece in his campainge then he will get elected......

  • Sound Tech May 1, 2012

    What a slanted story this is. Personally I have not heard one republican "boast" about their money or their endorsements. And the sad thing is some of the people commenting on this story swallow it hook, line and sinker.However you can go to the story about good ol Bob and his money and endorsements and it is absolutely fine with the same people. Hopefully one day people will vote based on their own opinions and not based upon how the media tells them to vote. And to the one poster who questions where the money comes from, its public information. Look it up yourself, or are you waiting for the media to do that for you also?

  • geosol Apr 30, 2012

    REPUBLICANS and big money go together. Always have, always will. Just keep giving those billionaires and oil companies more huge tax breaks, kids, they are hurting so badly these days. They said so themselves. Yup, there's a REPUBLICAN for that.

  • SARCASTICLES Apr 30, 2012

    Obama......(at least we know where the money is coming from, laughing-boy...;)