Documents detail complaints against Dem party director

Posted April 18, 2012
Updated April 19, 2012

— Documents obtained Wednesday by WRAL News detail allegations of sexual harassment lodged against the North Carolina Democratic Party's former executive director by a junior staffer.

Jay Parmley resigned his post Sunday after news of the allegations became public, but he has denied wrongdoing. 

"Let me be clear: I have never harassed any employee at any time at the NCDP or in any other job," Parmley wrote in his resignation letter. He did not respond to a call from WRAL News Wednesday evening.

In a letter to Parmley dated Dec. 8, 2011, the junior staffer tells a very different story. He lays out specific behaviors he said constituted sexual harassment including: 

  • "The Executive Director often solicited my opinion on his clothes. He would point both hands to his crotch and ask me how his crotch looked in those pants"
  • "the Executive Director would frequently pretend to punch my crotch and make a popping noise with his mouth"
  • "the Executive Director frequently gave me unwanted shoulder rubs despite my verbal objections"
  • "on July 28, 2011, the Executive Director discussed, in detail, his sexual activities"

The staffer was fired from the party on Nov. 21.

"I believe that I was fired in retaliation for my complaints of sexual harassment," the junior staffer wrote.

The accuser requests a monetary settlement from the party in exchange for confidentiality.

John Wallace, attorney for the state Democratic Party, acknowledged that there was a confidential settlement between the party and the accuser.

"The parties contemplated that the terms of the agreement would remain confidential, but at the same time, explicitly contemplated that the dispute between the parties would not be prejudicial to the former employee nor to my client," Wallace wrote. 

In the letter, the staffer also said he had met with Scott Falmlen, who was a previous executive director for the party. Falmlen confirmed the meeting happened in early October, but said the staffer was not nearly so specific in his allegations against Parmley and told him the two has resolved his concerns.

Falmlen said, "He did not detail the salacious specifics contained within his December 8, 2011, letter, which I have seen for the first time tonight."

Parker doesn't budge

The scandal has focused attention on state Democratic Party Chairman David Parker, who was Parmley's boss. He has faced calls from Gov. Bev Perdue and other elected leaders to step down because of how he has handled the accusations against Parmley. 

Parker arranged for a settlement with the victim in the matter and allowed Parmley to continue working at the party.

He has rebuffed calls for his resignation and said he had support of key party officials.

"I have met with our Executive Council via teleconference and am gratified by their strong support for my continued Chairmanship," Parker said. On Wednesday, he outlined a plan in which he would stay in power until mid-June.

Parker's response did not sit well with Perdue or other party leaders.

“I am reiterating my call for the chairman of the party to resign. The process laid out by the chairman in his email late today to Executive Committee members is totally unacceptable. The chairman needs to go," Perdue wrote.

Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin said the calls for Parker to resign were made "for good cause."

“In light of recent events and the fact that a significant number of Democrats, and especially the statewide-elected officials, have voiced the opinion that Chairman Parker no longer is able to be effective as chair, it is disappointing,” Goodwin said. 

Gwen Wilkins, the party's first vice chair and one of the people with whom Parker met, said the chairman's claims of support were not founded.

"I was elected because dedicated and loyal Democrats had faith that I would not sit back and be quiet when the time came to speak up ... With that said, let me be clear: that all – and I stress ALL -- those on the [state Democrats'] Executive Council have NOT indicated their support of Chairman Parker," Wilkins said. "It is my opinion that the statement made by him is misleading to the Democrats that elected him to office and to our voters."

Parker said he would call for a referendum on his office at the party's state executive committee June 17, in Raleigh.

"At that SEC meeting we will, in addition to the conduct of regular business, hold elections for all party office vacancies and hold a referendum on the State Party Chair, which I will not conduct. If there are multiple candidates for State Chair, we will have an election. If there is a single candidate, there will be an acclamation," Parker wrote in an email Wednesday afternoon.

EEOC complaint pre-dates settlement

After WRAL reported the junior staffer's letter, Wallace shared a copy of a federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint lodged against the party by the same man.

The complaint, dated Jan. 31, was filed before the settlement was reached. In it, the EEOC asked Parker to respond by Feb. 28, but Wallace said no such response was ever filed.

The complaint gives a short summary of the allegations in the Dec. 8 letter. In it, the junior staffer wrote that he had maintained "notebooks where I maintained records of the harassment," but said those notebooks were stolen by another party official.

The complaint lays out that the junior staffer worked for the party starting on March 10, 2010. "During my tenure I was sexually harassed by the Executive Director," it says. In September of 2011, the staffer says he discussed his harassment with the party's Director of Administration.

"On or around Oct. 1, 2011, my supervisor revealed to me that he had been advised of my allegations against him," the EEOC complaint reads. "I met with another Executive Director on or around Oct. 3, 2011, and was advised that I would not be retaliated against. I was no longer sexually harassed but on or around Nov. 21, 2011, my employment was terminated." 


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  • casp3r Apr 19, 2012


    I meant only these in this story, not every single dem in nc :( my bad....

  • Nancy Apr 19, 2012

    "At least the Dems think this behavior is not ok." - babbleon

    No, actually this happened last year, and apparently they were willing to buy out of the problem instead of addressing it. Hence, Palmer didn't quit until it surfaced.

    Worse, Bev knew about it too and didn't address it. Is that showing they are "not ok with it"?

  • Coretta Scott Thing Apr 19, 2012

    I liked your post, but it will fall on deaf ears, because what you dont understand is, "It's different when liberals do it." nowonyuno

    You just set your own trap. Liberals are cool with gays, open minded, less likely to judge. Conservatives on the other hand, who scream puritan values while standing on the bible, bed down everything in sight when they think they can get away with it, and then when they get caught, raise their red -handed hands to heaven for forgiveness. THEY are the real hypocrites. So yes it IS different when a liberal does it, since we don't play holier- than -thou.

  • casp3r Apr 19, 2012

    Stay classy dems.

    The country is laughing at you all....

  • nowon_yuno Apr 19, 2012


    I liked your post, but it will fall on deaf ears, because what you dont understand is, "It's different when liberals do it."

  • Been there once Apr 19, 2012

    I was feeling supportative of the staffer... until I read the part about hush money. Now..I'm not so sure.

  • Coretta Scott Thing Apr 19, 2012

    You think parents who resent teachers teaching to accept John & Dave kissing to be backward but you see no link to 60% to 80% births out of wedlock for certain minorities as part of a cultural shift you promote. Misbegotten

    Your name should be changed to "misinformed"! Teen pregnancies and out of wedlock child births are highest in the bible belt, places that teach abstinence only and no pre marital sex. The states that champion gay rights and marriage have the LOWEST teen pregnancies, out of wedlock babies AND lowest divorces so perhaps the bible should be shelved.. I'm not gay, I'm married and I support the rights of gay people. I have told my sons I really don't care who they love, as long as they are happy, I accept them.

  • bluegrass Apr 19, 2012

    It really doesn't get any funnier than this.

  • seriouslyrevoked Apr 19, 2012

    Monca because we don't think like you, you call us bigots? Sounds like if the shoe fits you wear it. No fair minded person wishes to see someone who represents perhaps 1 or 2% of the population have any of their legal rights abridged. It is that extra level of rights given this lifestyle that allows the charge of bigotry you state. Your form of bigotry is to take away the right of the vast majority of people who oppose homosexuality as normal or healthy behavior, which in your inflated sense of self you have no problem doing. You think parents who resent teachers teaching to accept John & Dave kissing to be backward but you see no link to 60% to 80% births out of wedlock for certain minorities as part of a cultural shift you promote. For you there is no causal effect for assaulting thousands of year old traditions ( marriage ie man and woman ) that have made civilizations civil. I suggest you examine your arrogance before casting more stones.

  • Objective Scientist Apr 19, 2012

    Com'on folks - at least those of you who suggest this is a problem endemic only to Democrats... or that Democrats will "sweep it under the rug". As a STAUNCH political INDEPENDENT - who has been a very INDEPENDENT independent far longer than it has been popular to be one - I'd say the same if the "shoe were to be on the Republican foot"!!! This type of shenanigan is "abhorrent" - regardless of party!!! And... it occurred in an agency that protects - equally - the POTUS and others from BOTH parties. It appears some posters would put a political label on even a one-cell organism - that it MUST be either Republican or Democrat! We - the electorate and the politicians we elect - MUST get off the blatant, unthinking, boiler-plate partisan bandwagon!!! It is driving our country to ruin!!!