Perdue friend asks judge to throw out flights case

Posted March 7, 2012

— A longtime friend of Gov. Beverly Perdue on Wednesday asked a judge to throw out criminal charges related to unreported flights on private planes provided during the 2008 gubernatorial campaign.

Trawick H. "Buzzy" Stubbs Jr. of New Bern filed a motion seeking dismissal of two felony charges stemming from more than $28,000 paid for chartered flights not reported as contributions by Perdue's campaign.

Stubbs later submitted documents to the State Board of Elections that purported the flights had been contributed to the state Democratic Party when they actually had gone for the Perdue committee. State law limits an individual's giving to a candidate committee to $4,000 per election cycle, and Stubbs had already maxed out for Perdue's campaign.

He pleaded not guilty in the case last week.

Defense attorney David Long of Raleigh argues in the motion that state law doesn't require Stubbs to file anything with the elections board, and any tardy filing by the campaign doesn't amount to a criminal offense by him.

The campaign reimbursed Stubbs, the former law partner of the governor's late first husband, for the flights in May and June 2009.

Stubbs was indicted in November, along with two former Perdue aides accused of using illegal contributions.

Perdue's 2008 fundraising chairman, Peter Reichard, pleaded guilty in December and received a suspended sentence. Julia Leigh Sitton, the former director of the governor's western North Carolina office, pleaded not guilty Monday.

In February, Willoughby's office also indicted another Morganton man on a felony over allegations he deceived Perdue's campaign by hiding the source of money used to pay for a flight.

Long also argues that Wake County isn't the correct location for the case and that District Attorney Colon Willoughby didn't have the proper legal authority to ask the State Bureau of Investigation to probe campaign finance irregularities.

Willoughby didn't follow proper procedure in indicting Stubbs, and Stubbs has already been cleared of wrongdoing by the State Board of Elections, the motion states.

That board, which is appointed by the governor, fined Perdue's campaign $30,000 in 2010 for 42 unreported flights and made no recommendation for any criminal investigation.

That decision was criticized by Republicans as a political whitewash by the Democratic-controlled elections board, and the state GOP chairman asked Willoughby, also a Democrat, to investigate the issue.

Willoughby has said that the SBI investigation turned up no evidence of wrongdoing by Perdue, who announced in January she will not seek a second term.


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  • caryboy88 Mar 8, 2012

    sure, we'll just look the other way. You're better than other common people anyway.
    Every single politician will do whatever they can get away with, then back peddle when they get caught.

  • barbstillkickin Mar 8, 2012

    Why does it not surprise me that another Purdue friend is asking courts to do something for them. Purdue you are Governor not for long but still just a Governor. You are not God so your (Friends) should not get any special treatment. Can not wait till voting time.

  • love2dostuff Mar 7, 2012

    As Edwards said, we have two Americas. The one the corrupt Democrats live in and the one the rest of us live in.

    And Cheney said, "there are two types of politicians; corrupt and liberals"

    Knife cuts in both directs bigot.

  • heavye Mar 7, 2012

    Oh heck why not? Case closed... ;) Isn't that the way it works for all of us????

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Mar 7, 2012

    It's a amazing that these people think they are so far above the rest of us that they can violate the law and nothing should happen to them.

    As Edwards said, we have two Americas. The one the corrupt Democrats live in and the one the rest of us live in.

  • love2dostuff Mar 7, 2012

    Corrupt liberal politicians....this state is full of them.
    ObamaMustGo aka NCcarguy

    Oh....corruptness doesn't stop at the water's edge my repulitard little friend. It crosses party lines the whole way to the top. Mine as well make your self busy and find something productive to do with the next four years.

  • superman Mar 7, 2012

    Gosh just because you get to meet the governor it makes everything she hasnt done alright. Poor thing she cant even manage her campaign finances even with a computer and tax accountants.

  • RomneyRyan2012 Mar 7, 2012

    LineofDuty, I hope you are joking...I think the reason she isn't running is because she knows she's in trouble. I'm glad she's leaving. Hopefully Obama will be gone soon too.

  • ObamaMustGo aka NCcarguy Mar 7, 2012

    Corrupt liberal politicians....this state is full of them.

  • batcave Mar 7, 2012

    aftuh all jeedge weuh all freyunds heuh, I mean weuh all good democrayuts , we cayuh about the common man.