McCrory to focus on fixing economy

Posted February 16, 2012


Republican gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory says fixing the economy is one of his top priorities for North Carolina.

"Many of our graduates right now are moving back in with you. That's not our goal. Our goal is to get our graduates jobs and to get them to build their own home and raise a great family for future generations to come," McCrory said Thursday during the Wake County Republican Party Precincts meeting at the State Fairgrounds. 

McCrory said in his keynote speech that if elected, he will work to overturn all of Gov. Bev Purdue's vetoes, including the Voter ID Act. He also wants to explore inland and off-shore drilling and add vocational programs to all high schools.


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  • sillywabbitthepatriot Feb 17, 2012

    Some of the same people who oppose Voter ID laws want to keep politicians from saying prayers.

    To them dead voters don't vote nor is there any chance of voter fraud; voter fraud does not exist but somehow someone else saying a prayer is forcing them to bow their heads.

  • LambeauSouth Feb 17, 2012

    McCory will say everything and anything to get elected, seems your all of a sudden grew some? where were you before Sir, now all of a suddent he GOP canidate for Gov wants to focus on the economy? why don't you tell that to the good ol boys in the NC Senate, you know the ones running roughshod over the middle class and woman.

  • ssvoiceofsanity Feb 17, 2012

    The repubs can't wait to let their rich cronies back on the government teet and run us into another hole. It's a repeating cycle....repubs ruin the economy, the democrats come in and fix it, now it's time again for the repubs to ruin it again.

  • pbjbeach Feb 17, 2012

    Mr. MCCORY:

  • pbjbeach Feb 17, 2012

    Mr. Mccory:

    I have got one big hot flash of news for you an your kind the entire national ecomonic situation would be in the shape thatit is an has been ever since the BUSH& CHENNEY YEARS DROVE THE ECOMONY OFF OF THE PERVERBERIAL CLIFF WIwith their unjustificed wars in iraq an afgansthan with their searches for yellow cake that do not even exist in the first place in iraq an they then turned around an lie an tried to justifiy the unjustifiable to the amer4ican tax payers that war wqas for no onesbenefits except for the war mongers an the defense contracting industry an the wall streetrs that took bets an made money hand over fist off of the war profitts paid out by the u.s. taxpayers that paid for the funding of it all an is still paying for it today by the current ecomony beiing in such a shambles all thats to the repbulicnas party and their cronies of coporate instrest the us chambers of commerce an the special instrest groups like the contracting industry thank you

  • North Carolina Home Feb 17, 2012

    JustAName...we know very well why the Dems, the media and all of their liberal tag along groups like Democracy North Carolina, League of Women Voters, NCAE, Progress NC etc. are so vehemently opposed.

    It's sure not because they are so opposed to spending tax dollars!

  • JustAName Feb 17, 2012

    "with no proof that their is massive voter fraud that this would solve"

    Then why are the Dems against this? If they have nothing to fear? It's not like those they bus to the polls don't already have IDs in order to pic up their WIC cards. Heck, if they need IDs, I bet the Dems will just bus them to DMV to make sure they get their IDs.

  • sillywabbitthepatriot Feb 17, 2012

    "Really hope there is someone yet to get in the race worth voting for"

    You already know a Dem doesn't have a chance.

  • wildpig777 Feb 17, 2012

    mc cory --to win you must become bigger than the republican party-- that will hurt some feelings of the entrenched but you can win if you do the right things [ AND LISTEN TO ME.]

  • bombayrunner Feb 17, 2012

    jlp ... the independants are too radical. they are too often focused on one good thing, but have answers to nothing else. Their central thinking is that everything falls in line behind the one thing they're stuck on. They are worse than the socialist running the country now.

    Look at R.Paul, basically, the world can wait until we solve our internal problems. Yea ... a proven recipie for utter disaster. Had this guy learned anything from basics of world history and isolationism?