Clay Aiken says marriage amendment goes 'way too far'

Posted February 13, 2012
Updated February 14, 2012

Clay Aiken

— Former "American Idol" contestant Clay Aiken is proud of his home state, but not of the proposed amendment to the North Carolina constitution that would ban same-sex marriages.

He spoke out about the amendment in a video posted to YouTube Monday.

"Families looks different. They have always looked different. You have single-parent families, families with parents of different races, families with parents of different religions," he said in the video. "No matter what we want a family to look like, we can't put into a constitution – a document that is supposed to protect our rights – one narrow definition."

Aiken, who appeared on "American Idol" in 2003 and announced he was gay in 2008, was featured in the video for the group Protect All N.C. Families.

The amendment, which will appear on May's primary ballot, would define marriage as being between one man and one woman and outlaw civil unions. 

Aiken, who has a son with longtime friend Jaymes Foster, said it would ultimately hurt the children of non-traditional families.

"I think an amendment like this goes way too far," he said. "It will take away protections from kids who, right now, may have access to healthcare because one of their parents has healthcare at work."

Raleigh pastor Dr. Patrick L. Wooden, who appeared on Saturday's "On the Record" program, said the Bible defines marriage as being between one man and one woman.

"We just believe that the definition should be redefined in the state of North Carolina," he said.

North Carolina is the only state in the Southeast without a constitutional amendment limiting marriage to one man and one woman, but same-sex marriage is against the law already. 'Idol' star Clay Aiken speaks out against NC marriage amendment 'Idol' star Clay Aiken speaks out against NC marriage amendment

Wooden said that giving the Bible's definition of marriage constitutional protection is the "will of the people."

An Elon University poll published in September, however, found that 56 percent of North Carolina residents oppose the amendment.

The only way protect marriage, Wooden said, is to get out and vote on May 8.

"I just hope that those of us who are in favor of the amendment don't assume that it's a done deal or a slam dunk and we stay home and wake up the next morning shocked," he said. "Get out and vote and allow your votes to be heard."


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  • Mon Account Feb 22, 2012

    "Wooden said that giving the Bible's definition of marriage constitutional protection is the "will of the people.""

    If you used the bible for such purposes (think Islam), we would quickly be killing each other over outdated principles. Could you imagine the nightmare trying to wear only one type of cloth or facing jail time?

    Times have changed. And are changing. And will continue to change.

  • Ezekiel c23 v19to20 Feb 16, 2012

    I disagree, tw atts1000. It takes time and enregy but people can be taught to see past their own bias and fear of the different. With effort humanity can rise above it's internal animal. Besides, she tried answer my question, and did it in a mostly civil tone. That deserves the best, most civil, response I can manage. Even if they really aren't listening.

  • Krimson Feb 15, 2012

    Eze20: give it up, Todd's Girl will never get it. People like her don't want knowledge, they want certainty.

  • Ezekiel c23 v19to20 Feb 15, 2012

    anyway, gotta go pick up the wife. Going to a concert tonight and gonna have a great time. Y'all have fun yourselves.

  • Ezekiel c23 v19to20 Feb 15, 2012

    Also, think of this...morality is a personal thing, not societal. Murder is illegal in the US not because it is immoral but because having your populace running around shooting eachother is no way to run a civilization. War is immoral, yet it is totally legal for us to wage war. How mnay other things do other people find to be immoral? Eating meat, shaving your beard, getting a tattoo, kissing in public, kissing at all before you are married, women going out anything less than "fully clothed". Do you honestly want these people, and their morals, dictating to you what you can and cannot do?

  • macmom2 Feb 15, 2012

    "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" I grew up with this as something my Mom said to us as children all the time. It still holds true.

    This is about equality for all. For ALL. Not for a few. Everyone has that right regardless of your opinion.

    Please vote against this amendment.

  • Ezekiel c23 v19to20 Feb 15, 2012


    Even Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has admitted that once it reaches the SCotUS that legally recognized SSM will be the law of the land, will her people or nill them.

  • Ezekiel c23 v19to20 Feb 15, 2012

    “Someone else on here said it was pointless trying to talk to you because the only point of view you see is your own”

    People say many things on here. Often it is about me, which amuses me no end I can tell you.

    It isn’t that I don’t see you PoV, I see it quite well, and I disagree with it. I asked you politely to defend your position. You refused several times then finally when you tired you failed to provide any evidence for your position. You can’t tell me what these people have done, like kill someone, to warrant removal of these rights. You can’t claim it’s immoral because you have to use your mythology to defend that position. Other people, via their own mythology, will come to different conclusions. Even people sharing your mythology come to different conclusions. In the absence of some great overriding societal need or harm you can’t remove from Americans the rights guaranteed them in the Constitution. None of the people on your side of the argument ha

  • Ezekiel c23 v19to20 Feb 15, 2012

    "First of all....you want a logical and legal reason.....SSM is not legal. How's that!"

    Which is in and of itself unconstitutional. How's that?

    "It lessens the union of marriage between a man and woman when any Tom, Hank or Harry or Mary, Sue and Susan are allowed to wed.'

    How does it lessen your marraige to Todd? That's the thing. It dosen't.

  • Ezekiel c23 v19to20 Feb 15, 2012

    "You keep talking about mythology....It's about a man and a woman....that equals marriage!"

    Which would be part of your mythology. It isn't teh only way it has ever been. It isn't the only way it is now. It's teh way you want it to be because you believe that the tenants of your mythology say so.

    "It if was morally right for SSM, then why are people like you having to fight so hard for it?"

    Because people such as yourself feel obligated to force other people to live by the tenants of your mythology.

    "Someone else on here said it was pointless trying to talk to you because the only point of view you see is your own."

    And I asked you a direct question which, so far, you have completely failed to answer.

    "SSM causes so many problems."

    Prove it. That should be simple enough.

    "Youi talk about 50% of marriages failing..poster couple for SSM is getting a divorce."

    So waht...it happens. Being SS dosen't shield them form the stresses of being married.