New law targets drivers who flee from cops

Posted November 29, 2011

— A state law going into effect this week would give law enforcement officers the power to take a person's vehicle and sell it if he or she tries to flee from authorities.

The so-called "Run and You're Done" law is one of more than three dozen statutes enacted by the General Assembly this year that take effect Dec. 1.

The legislation would allow the state to hold on to the vehicle until the driver's case goes through the court system and sell it if the driver is found guilty.

"We want 'Run and You're Done,' to roll off people's tongues, just like 'Click It or Ticket,'  and 'Booze It and Lose It,'" bill co-sponsor Rep. Dale Folwell, R-Forsyth, said Tuesday.

Proceeds from the vehicle sales would benefit local school districts.

Folwell and another bill sponsor, Rep. John Faircloth, stressed that the law is not about money but is an effort to help deter people from fleeing and endangering lives.

"There is an absolutely no-more-deadlier event that can occur for a law enforcement officer going out for a day's work than to become involved with a chase," Faircloth, R-Guilford, said.

The law, which is similar to one already on the books that applies to organized drag racing, does allow some exceptions to vehicles being sold, such as if there's a lien on the automobile.

Another exception would fall under the "innocent owner" rule if the person who owns the car has no knowledge of the crime.

"If it's a parent, for instance, that has a vehicle, and their young driver takes it out unbeknownst to them, there is a one-time exemption there," Folwell said.

Last year, more than 1,600 people across the state were arrested on charges of fleeing to elude authorities.


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  • renaissancemon Dec 1, 2011

    >> the vote tallies are openly falsified.

    > Ohhh I get it, the police have these secret meetings

    I wasn't trying to corroborate the notion that cops write these bills. As citizens they have an equal right anyway, to lobby for whatever legislation they want. My point was rather to clarify that the legislature is actually fraudulently elected. The trashing of votes is done openly, by statute, not secretly. So don't bu the line that 'the people want this law because the people elected the legislature.'

  • renaissancemon Dec 1, 2011

    "A magistrate would have to find p.c. for the arrest"

    Yes but you would forbid the magistrate who found cause for ARREST to also decide NOT to order the car seized. You would deny the suspect the opportunity to explain his view that his car should not be seized.

  • renaissancemon Dec 1, 2011

    "Bank robbers don't get to keep their ski mask and gun until convicted."

    Yep you start suspending due process in some situations and then you constantly want to expand from there. Next you'll say the gold ring I was wearing while driving was also part of the alleged crime scene.

    If a robbery suspect thinks he can convince his magistrate to let him keep his mask and gun until verdict, he deserves to be heard. You seek to punish someone before hearing him out. Hearing both sides is the judicial branch's job. Stop taking separated powers and trying to concentrate them into a police state.

  • davidgnews Dec 1, 2011

    "Again, instead of "what if" try reading the actual bill."

    You shouldn't take yourself so seriously here.

  • fayncmike Dec 1, 2011

    “What do you do if the vehicle with the flashing blue light coming up on your rear bumper is not a marked police cruiser that has the light bar on its roof? Do you stop or do you put your flashers on and continue driving until you can stop in a lighted and very public place? In light of this law you better stop and hope that the driver of the vehicle with the blue light is truly a police officer that is in uniform with valid credentials and not someone wanting to do you harm.

    No, no, no, you have it all wrong. When I spoke of the personal danger of being stopped in a dark and desolate area I wasn’t referring to some farcical pretender in a rigged cop car. I was referring to a real cop in a real cop car. I, of course, understand that your post was facetious but there might be some who do not.

  • quaten Nov 30, 2011

    "A state law going into effect this week would give law enforcement officers the power to take a person's vehicle and sell it if he or she tries to flee from authorities..."

    Just a note: this sentence is obscure. It reads as if a law enforcement officer (he or she) tries to flee from authorities, they (he or she) can choose a person's vehicle to sell.

  • Vietnam Vet Nov 30, 2011

    Fleeing criminals in cars trying to evade police capture are one of the most dangerous occurences that happen on an almost daily basis, and it's not just law enforcement in harms way but quite often Joe Citizen that pays the price for the criminal's actions whether it's damage to property or damage to person.

  • thepeopleschamp Nov 30, 2011

    How do you propose to compensate those found not guilty, for their lost access to their property during the time it took for them to be acquitted? renaissancemon

    Murderers don't get to keep their murder weapon until they are convicted either. Bank robbers don't get to keep their ski mask and gun until convicted. Same concept, if they are not guilty they have had their day in court and it is returned at that time.

  • thepeopleschamp Nov 30, 2011

    "Because the higher law of the Constitution forbids it. The Constitution says you have a right to enjoy your property until the JUDICIAL branch orders it seized.

    A magistrate would have to find p.c. for the arrest at the very beginning, a magistrate is a judicial official.

  • thepeopleschamp Nov 30, 2011

    "And what if they park the car and run on foot?
    Will they confiscate their car AND feet, too ? How about legs? Where is the limit here?" davidgnews

    Again, instead of "what if" try reading the actual bill. Felony speeding to elude arrest requires several elements be satisfied. This was not dreamed up by law enforcement last night, if anything this is more of a burden on them to pay for towing, more paperwork, etc... They don't get to keep the car and take the family to Wally World in the seized Family Truckster they got the night before.