McCrory takes advantage of undeclared candidacy

Posted November 15, 2011

— Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory has been dropping hints about his political future for quite a while, crisscrossing North Carolina for the past two years and asking for donations on his website.

McCrory doesn't say what the financial support is for, but it's no secret to Republicans like fundraiser Aldona Wos.

"Well, the mayor has simply not declared, but he will be running for governor," said Wos, who organized a Tuesday gather of women voters at the North Raleigh Hilton as a fundraiser for McCrory.

Pat McCrory McCrory: Waiting to enter race saves money, builds support

State law doesn't prohibit people who aren't declared candidates for office from raising campaign cash, and elections watchdog Bob Hall said there are advantages to delay entering a race.

Hall, executive director of Democracy North Carolina, noted that the conservative group Americans for Prosperity used McCrory for several automated phone calls this year that criticized Gov. Beverly Perdue.

"He loves it because it gets his name out to all these thousands and thousands of households – I'm Pat McCrory. So, there's no expense to him to do that. That's one of the freebies he gets," Hall said.

McCrory, who lost to Perdue in 2008 in one of the tightest gubernatorial races in North Carolina history, said the campaign season has gotten too long and he can save money by waiting.

"When we announce, we want to make sure there is total support, both from people on the ground and also financial support," he said, noting that he plans to formally enter the race in January. "I was outspent three-to-one in the last campaign."

Americans for Prosperity said it will not use McCrory for robo-calls once he becomes a candidate.


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  • Z Man Nov 16, 2011

    The Bev is only our governor because people that had no clue what the issues of N.C. are nor did they watch the debates were taught how to vote a straight democrat ticket. Had they spent the time to educate themselves by watching the debates they would have seen that Pat McCrory has a much clearer vision of where to take this state. Of course they'd have to figure out how to vote too. Luckily The Bev hasn't done too much damage.

  • Rico Nov 16, 2011

    Anything to get rid of bev!!!

  • dwntwnboy Nov 16, 2011

    I can't see why he is any better than what we have now. He's just another puppet mouthpiece for the radical right. They've done enough damage since they got control last year- it can only get worse with this clown in the Gov's mansion.

  • computer trainer Nov 16, 2011

    Bev is going to REALLY have to outspend him this time to get elected. ONE AND DONE!!! Hopefully she will not leave NC DONE.