Poll: Majority in NC oppose same-sex marriage amendment

Posted September 30, 2011

— Fifty-six percent of North Carolina residents oppose a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would ban same-sex marriages, according to a poll released Friday.

The Elon University Poll, which surveyed 594 adults statewide between Sunday and Thursday, found support for recognizing gay marriages growing in North Carolina. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

Forty-four percent of respondents to a March 2009 Elon poll opposed any legal recognition of gay marriage in the state, but that stance was down to 34 percent in the latest poll. Meanwhile, a third of those polled this week back full marriage rights for same-sex couples, up from 21 percent in March 2009.

Thirty-nine percent of respondents to the latest poll back the proposed amendment, which will appear on the ballot next May after lawmakers passed it this month. Two years ago, 43 percent of respondents supported an amendment.

“The ballot referendum that would ban same-sex marriage will be the issue to watch this year,” Mileah Kromer, assistant director of the Elon University Poll, said in a statement. “With North Carolinians so divided on this issue, expect a tough battle over the next few months as both sides attempt to sway public opinion in their favor."

The new poll also found that a majority of state residents disapprove of Gov. Beverly Perdue's job performance, including her handling of the state economy.

Forty-seven percent of those polled said the state has gotten off track, compared with 38 percent who said North Carolina is headed in the right direction. Thirty-one percent fear the state economy will get worse in the coming year, while only 17 percent said they think the economy will improve. More than half of respondents said economic conditions would remain the same over the next 12 months.

Perdue's handling of the economy drew a 51 percent disapproval rating, compared with 36 percent who said she is doing a good job. Likewise, 51 percent of respondents disapprove of her overall job performance, compared with 41 percent who approve.

Respondents were split on the performance of the General Assembly, with 39 percent approving of the job lawmakers are doing and 41 percent disapproving. The Republican Party got higher marks in the poll, with a third of those surveyed saying the GOP is doing a better job handling North Carolina's economy, compared with 23 percent who said the Democrats are doing a better job. Twenty-seven percent said neither party is doing a good job.


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  • Tax Man Oct 7, 2011

    Take it to the election and let the voters decide - simple and efficient. Up to the majority as per the constitution.

  • skeeter II Oct 7, 2011

    Forget the religious side of the issue. Benefits are the concern.

    What is the legal status of "unmarried couples"? This should not have any effect upon them as they only have rights as individuals not as a couple. If they want the same rights as a married couple, then they should get married. I would think businesses would welcome this amendment as it would clarify the "benefits" entitlement of married and unmarried couples -- if married they would have the benefits of a married couple.

    In the future, other types of couples would only have the benefits as individuals. This should be of importance to present and future employers in North Caroline or new employers moving into North Carolina. Some of the new employers may grant "married benefits" to non-married couples in other states and might want to do the same in North Carolina.

    I think the amendment would prevent employers from granting "married benefits" to non-married couples.

  • scottgagnon Oct 7, 2011

    The Libs think that if they say something, that will make it so. Like saying the losers that are protesting (and don't know why) are the so called "99%" I will be there to vote and we will see who is in the majority and who is not.

  • nufsaid Oct 7, 2011

    The real Poll will be taken next May.

  • uGek010 Oct 7, 2011

    if the majority opposes the ammendment why waste time on it!...how 'bout them jobs?! Reps ran and won on a jobs agenda not social agenda. We are the 99%!

  • Lifeliving Oct 3, 2011

    Can't help who your heart loves.

  • seal5050 Oct 3, 2011

    "deedee - that wasn't my quote. It should correctly have been attributed to dae66, elcid liked ike"
    Sorry, didn't realize it dropped off...thanks for catching that

  • unc70 Sep 30, 2011

    Hard to know where to start.

    Several posters have claimed that marriage is a "Christian" institution, then use pre-Christian (Old Testament) rules concerning homosexuality and other things.

    Marriage in the Bible, both Old and New Testament eras, was not defined as "One man, one woman", but more broadly, certainly including "One man, multiple women". Old Testament also required that if a man were to die without an heir, the man's brother was required to have sex with the widow so that his brother would have an heir (and the family could keep the dowry). Onan, Gen. 38. Onan withdrew prematurely ("spilled his seed") and suffered the consequences. BTW this is used to oppose maturbation!

  • RWS Sep 30, 2011

    As for agenda, Christians have the biggest agenda of all.

  • davidgnews Sep 30, 2011

    There needs to be a backlash against religious fanatics.