Perdue campaign gives up questioned donation

Posted September 26, 2011

— North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue's re-election campaign has surrendered a small donation after worries the money may have been loaned to a donor by a family member.

Perdue's campaign lawyer wrote to the State Board of Elections and enclosed a check for $500, equal to the Aug. 22 contribution. Campaign spokesman Marc Farinella says the governor's political committee was concerned the donor may have received a loan from his grandparent to pay for an event, and the campaign decided to give up the money in an abundance of caution.

Farinella identified the donor as Jarrett Culbreth.

A Polk County woman on Monday identified her son as Culbreth and forwarded a request for comment to his grandfather.

State law bars someone from giving a political contribution in another person's name.

The case marks at least the third time that Perdue's campaign has given up questionable donations. In the other two cases, Wilmington businessman Rusty Carter and former state Sen. Fred Hobbs of Southern Pines were penalized for their illegal contributions.


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  • archangel44369 Sep 27, 2011

    Oh yes, Bev learned from one of the best...Her former boss, Mr. Easly...and prolly took pointers from ex speaker of the house..Big Jim....I can't wait to again vote this person out of a job.

  • miseem Sep 26, 2011

    Seems like the right wing is out in full force on this one. There may be something to the other two donations mentioned above, but I fail to see exactly what criminal activity by Perdue occurred here. All political campaigns get donations from all sorts of sources. If this one came in just a month ago & her campaign staff have identified a possible problem already, it does not seem like there is some democratic plot to milk grandmothers of their cash by loaning it to their grandkids. I did not see too many of these posters complaining about the house leadership having closed door meetings with lobbyists during the recent legislative session. Of course, I'm sure money was not talked about then.

  • North Carolina Home Sep 26, 2011

    Desperation seems to be permeating Gov Bev's campaign.

    This is just laughable.

  • jdupree Sep 26, 2011

    Bet they had to pry it from her greedy wrinkled hands as she said, but, but, but!

  • Southern Girl Sep 26, 2011

    Jelly Bean....I doubt if THAT will ever happen! Guess giving this back makes it ok - not in my mind it doesn't. Something fishy.

  • Southern Girl Sep 26, 2011

    Oh, and this will make it right?

  • AlbertEinstein Sep 26, 2011

    Guarded carefully from the original scams and apparent illegal activities of the Easley campaigns, this gal just continues to be just under the radar.

  • jdupree Sep 26, 2011

    Is there a NC Democrat who has not been indicted, convicted or involved in criminal conduct. I can't think of one!

  • Screw WrAl Sep 26, 2011

    "both are corrupt and totally self serving"

    And yet voters keep on electing them. Go figure. I'm not sure who's worse, those elected or those electing them, but I vote for the 2nd group.

  • Gay Truth Sep 26, 2011

    canyouseethelightofday, You are totally correct. I refuse to join either political party in this state, both are corrupt and totally self serving. Neither party can do the right thing, the only thing they know how to do is fight and call each other names. Right now the Democrat's own the bad image, but wait a few years and the pendulum will swing over to the Republicans. Welcome to North Carolina, have a nice day.