Early fundraising points to tight race for governor

Posted August 3, 2011

From The Washington Post to popular websites like Politico, pundits have been predicting that North Carolina's 2012 gubernatorial race will be one of the hottest contests in the country – and one of the most expensive.

The latest fundraising numbers make that look even more likely.

In 2008, Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue beat Republican candidate Pat McCrory in one of the tightest races in recent state history. Perdue spent about $17 million on that campaign, almost triple what McCrory spent.

The latest campaign finance reports show the expected 2012 rematch could be even closer. Early numbers predict the fundraising gap will be probably be much smaller, and could even swing in McCrory's favor.

Election 2012 Perdue's fundraising advantage smaller than in 2008

The two were neck-and-neck in the final two months of the last reporting period. Perdue had a pretty comfortable fundraising lead in May and June until the last 10 days or so of June. For those two months, Perdue outraised McCrory by only about $1,000.

Perdue raised $1.34 million in the first six months of this year. That's a few hundred thousand better than the $1.29 million she raised in the first half of 2007, leading up to her last election.

She also started the year with about $400,000 in cash. But at this point in 2007, Perdue had more than $2.5 million in the bank. So overall, she's in a far more vulnerable fundraising position than she was in her last race.

Meanwhile, McCrory brought in just over $1 million in the first half of this year, despite the fact he hasn't even officially declared yet. He started the year with only about $62,000 in cash on hand.

Because he campaigned as an official candidate for governor for only 10 months in the last election, it's hard to compare his early numbers. But Republican operatives say McCrory's million-dollar haul was the bare minimum required to fend off a GOP challenger, so he could still face a primary next May.


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  • beachboater Aug 9, 2011

    "Perdue participated in FIVE debates. Your aluminum foil cap needs readjusting." seankelly15

    Perdue did NOT partaicipate in five debates. She showed up and talked, but she did not debate. When the WRAL moderators say please answer the question Ms. Perdue, you know someone (Perdue) is dodging the issue.

    If the election was based on the debates, McCrory would have gotten 95% of the vote. Perdue did NOT win the election, Obama got her elected governor.

    Those "debates" were the biggest joke I've ever witnessed.

  • marktroll Aug 5, 2011

    perdue will lose in a landslide

  • driverkid3 Aug 5, 2011

    Why do some of you think that people on government assistance should not have the right to vote? You are perfectly ok with people not having ID voting, so what's up with that?

  • driverkid3 Aug 4, 2011

    I hope she loses so bad she hands her head in shame, but, then again, dems don't have the ability to process and act when shame comes into the picture.

  • AlbertEinstein Aug 4, 2011

    There are many unanswered questions on the Easly investigation - questions that the now current governor would be extremely responsible.

  • kodac31 Aug 4, 2011

    SEANKELLY15-- You stated "Voter ID is a REPUBLICAN IDEA put fourth in a pathectic attempt to reduce the number of Democratic Voters", AND You dared to present this challenge "As to the Integrity in Elections, I and many other have asked you (right wing nuts) and your ilk to provide evidence of ACTUAL VOTER FRAUD" Well SeanKelly15, prepare to eat your words! I guess this "right wing nut" just happened to easily come across a grossly negligent voter fraud case, AND goes to PROVE JUST HOW EASY IT IS TO DO IT when NO ID is required. Oh yea, and the violator you may find quite interesting since its the NAACP shouting out all these crazy lies about disenfranchisement and returning the "jim crow era". The bill provided FREE ID to anyone who needed one from the local election board! WOW--Such a hassle to insure election integrity! Everyone GO TO THIS LINK & READ THE EVIDENCE FOR YOURSELF! http://dailycaller.com/2011/07/29/mississippi-naacp-leader-sent-to-prison-for-10-counts-of-voter-fraud/

  • Weaker Pelosi Aug 4, 2011

    Seankelly: If you believe Perdue is a good gov, hate to see your idea of a bad one.

  • marktroll Aug 4, 2011

    seankelly take a looksy and see how many other states have voter id legislation in place. 30 states. 30. in these 30 states, the entire southeastern US is included. take your idiocracy someplace else.

  • kodac31 Aug 4, 2011

    PLEASE--For those of you that voted for Bev Perdue in 2008 I beg you to reconsider in 2012. Most of you have probably already come to your senses and seen the total incompetence and absolute lack of leadership required by a Governor of this State for it to operate fruitfully. Just look at the ever increasing unemployment numbers in NC! Double Digit unemployment as we are ranking in the top list of unemployment States! Bev Perdue has done NOTHING to improve this economy, all she has done is campaigne for a second term since day one, raising money from her trial lawyer friends and now she has hired one of Obama's campaigne big whigs from CHICAGO to run her re-election. Do we really want Chicago style politics here in NC? Do we want a Governor who firmly believes & backs EVERY SINGLE POLICY OF THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION? NC cannot afford 4 more years of Bev Perdue! We need a PROVEN LEADER, Pat McCrory! Look at how much Charlotte prospered under his Mayoralship all those years! MCCRORY 2012!

  • seankelly15 Aug 4, 2011

    ncguy - "I have said it many times- If you are on government assistance you should not be able to vote."

    I guess you are one of those "protectors of the constitution" that are always complaining about activist judges and the Democrats?