Crawford explains switch on abortion

Posted July 26, 2011

The vote to override Gov. Bev Perdue's veto of H854, the abortion restrictions bill, came down to one person: Rep. Jim Crawford, D-Granville. 

When the bill passed the House last month, it had 71 votes: all 68 Republicans, plus conservative eastern Democrats Bill Brisson, Tim Spear, and Dewey Hill. The override vote, however, required 72 votes.

Crawford, who had voted against the measure last month, decided Monday night to change his position and become vote number 72. 

After today's vote, he explained, "I’ve always voted pro-life. And I tried to stick with my crowd with the other vote because I knew it was going to pass. But when it comes down to informing people and that kind of issue, I just felt like it was important to let people know the consequences of abortion." Crawford on abortion override

Crawford said he talked to Perdue about his vote several times. “She wasn’t happy.”


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  • atticush Jul 27, 2011

    Gimm a "P!" Gimme a "R!" Gimme a "I!" Gimme a "M!" Gimme an "A!" Gimme another "R!" Gimmme a "Y!" What's that spell? "RETIREMENT!"

  • lifeadvocates Jul 27, 2011

    So many of the arguments against the bill are arguments for abortion and many arguments for the bill are against abortion. Maybe it comes down to that. Maybe if you believe that abortion destroys an unborn child, a unique individual person even in a nascent form, you would want women to have every opportunity to know what she is doing and how she can let her baby live, how she can find a better solution to her situation, even if she already has made a decision—because even when she walks into the clinic door, its not too late for her to change her mind. Maybe if you believe abortion only eliminates a ball of cells or if the “fetus” is not fully human or not a person, you would think it bad to add “burdens” to a “simple, safe medical procedure.”
    But really, the bill is pro-choice. Why do “pro-choice” people oppose the bill? Maybe they’re not being honest—pro-choice may only be a useful slogan that they do not mean sincerely. It pacifies people who are u

  • jhightjr Jul 26, 2011

    Representative Crawford runs in his district as a Democrat, but always seems to go against the Democratic party, its leadership, and Governor Perdue as well as past governors.He has a long history of voting with the Republicans.In a pinch, they can always count on him. I think he ought to be barred from the Democratic caucus, and join the Republican party because he likes their agenda so much. If he is really pro-life, why did he not vote for the bill the first time? Pro-life is a matter of conscience not party.