Another GOP lawmaker weighs run for DC

Posted July 20, 2011

A third Republican lawmaker is adding his name to the growing list of statehouse incumbents considering a run for Congress. 

Rep. Justin Burr, R-Stanly, says he's "taking a serious look at" a run for the 8th District. The new GOP-drawn district map would make Democratic incumbent Larry Kissell substantially more vulnerable to a Republican challenger. 

"I'm thinking long and hard about it, praying about it," Burr said. But he's not yet ready to announce his candidacy. "I’m gonna wait til the process is through, and respect the legislative process."

Burr said he's considering a run this year because he's "concerned about a lot of things happening in Washington," particularly federal health care reform and its associated mandates. He said he's also worried about spending. "We balanced the budget in Raleigh. Maybe we could take some of those ideas to DC." 

Burr is in his third year in the House. He's 26 years old - the same age, he points out, as fellow Republican Patrick McHenry when he first went to Congress.  

"I'm someone who's young and energetic, not just going up there to eat the shrimp and be part of the clique but to really represent the 8th District and take care of the constituents," he said. 

If he enters the race, he'll likely face primary opposition from fellow House Republican Jerry Dockham, who said he's "95% sure" he'll run for the 8th, too. When asked if the contest would cause some awkwardness in caucus meetings, Burr said, "We'll have to wait and see who decides to run."   



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  • marktroll Jul 25, 2011

    abstaining from a vote does not eliminate personal involvement. burr was personally involved in pushing s756. FACT.
    Burr's bail bonding company did post bail for Nuemar and Davis. FACT.
    the bail bondsman business is not an honorable profession. FACT.

    i dont even care about the above- burr is just not qualified and will certainly fall short in the primary, if he even makes it that far.

  • davidmorgan Jul 22, 2011

    continued.... s to reason you, loyalrepublican, are Justin Burr. Could it be that this "has been" democrat has blown your cover?

    You are welcome at our church anytime. Sounds like your need to go ... if it's not too late!!

  • davidmorgan Jul 22, 2011

    loyalrepublican, you should fear for your job because of the way you write and spell. As a matter of fact, your poor writing reads just like articles from Justin Burr himself. I didn't write that you should be scared, you came up with that assumption and excuse to justify withholding your real name.

    So you work for a democratic judge yet you are playing politics on the internet during the workday!! Is that a justified tax payer expense? Looks like that should be the reason you fear for your job.

    Since you seem to know Justin so well, loyalrepublican, are Justin and his wife still together or is the word around his district about him and his marrage true?

    I lost in the last election for County Commissioner. That was in 1996 so I am shocked you were old enough to remember Justin... I mean loyalrepublican. BTW, what's your point???

    You have threatened me twice now in your comments and you always call them personal attacks. I have written no attacks to you, loyalrepublican, so it stand

  • shortywest621 Jul 22, 2011

    Well, well....hello Magistrate Parker! Loyal Republican, you outed yourself. Wonder if your close relationship and admiration for Rep. Burr, who lists as his occupation on the NC Legislature website as "bail bondsman" has any influence over the bonds you set? You sure you don't work "with" Rep Burr? I'm sure with your excellent directions to the courthouse, we could find paperwork with him going a bond you set, couldn't we??

  • loyalrepublican Jul 22, 2011

    Its not that I am scared of anything you could do to me, but I work under one of the democratic judges in our district. I fear for my job.
    BTW how did your last election go in Stanly County?
    Oh yea, I warned you about the personal attacks, this is your last chance. Next time all will be told, nothing held back. (I was at your church that Sunday.)

  • stanlycounty1 Jul 22, 2011

    If you admire Justin Burr, I would highly suggest you change you outlook on life.

  • davidmorgan Jul 22, 2011

    I've been reading several postings on another political website about L'il Prince Chucklehead. That site admires Justin Burr as much as loyalrepublican just with a different view.

    I'd hide behind a "code name" like loyalrepublican too if I couldn't write any better.

  • loyalrepublican Jul 22, 2011

    You must not know much about the legal system, or you would know that documents such as bail bonds are public record. Do as I did and go to the Stanly County Court House on Second Street in Albemarle. Go to the third floor, Superior Court records and ask to see these two bonds. Then when you see you are wrong, come back on this site and admit that you did not know what you were writing about.
    As from my information it was not MSNBC that reported this wrong, it was one of the local stations in Charlotte.
    BTW, I do work around the court house and legal system, but not with Rep. Burr. I just follow and admire his politics.

  • loyalrepublican Jul 21, 2011

    You don't know much about the court house or court system, because any bail bond posted is public record just as all legal documents are.
    All you have to do is pull the bond to see who signed it. This just proves that you don't have a clue about what you are saying because the media did report it wrong, just like many other cases.
    Go to the Stanly County Courthouse on Second Street in Albemarle.
    Go to the 3rd floor, Superior Court records and ask to see these two bonds, them come back on this site and admit you don't know what you are talking about.
    BTW I googled Adam Bliss and don't really care about what a liberal from Chapel Hill thinks about anybody. I don't think anyone is our county does.
    I do work within the legal system but not with Rep. Burr. I only support him in his political actions.

  • stanlycounty1 Jul 21, 2011

    @loyalrepublican How would you know if Justin Burr did or didn't have anything to do with the bail of Betty Neumar. It would take someone within Justin Burr's bail company to know such information.

    The rumor circulated pretty quickly around Stanly County and I doubt very seriously a source such as MSNBC, a national media company, would get that incorrect.

    By the way, Adam Bliss was a small business owner who Justin Burr and his cronies put out of business in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. You can read more about it here: http://www.carolinapoliticsonline.com/2010/06/03/hookah-bliss-owner-adam-bliss-speaks-with-cpo/