Price calls latest congressional map 'mockery'

Posted July 19, 2011

From Washington today, 4th district Democrat David Price issued the following statement on the latest draft of new redistricting maps, which would double-bunk Price with fellow Democrat Brad Miller in a reconfigured safe-Democratic district:

“I will look forward to representing the Fourth District in whatever form it emerges. That said, the current map makes a mockery of the notion that districts should be compact and include communities of interest.

"The Fourth District, currently the state’s most compact, centered on the Research Triangle area, becomes the state’s least compact. It more than doubles in length extending over seven counties, including the entire county in not one of them. I hope the General Assembly will think hard and consult widely before considering this map.”

The new Fourth winds from the Caswell County line south and east through the Triangle into Cumberland County, stretching all the way to Hoke. At one bottleneck between Chatham and Harnett, the district's only contiguous point is about 100 yards of river and sandbar.

Then again, to put it in context, the new 4th looks very much like Democrat Mel Watt's12th district, which narrowly follows the I-85 corridor from Charlotte to Winston-Salem. That district has been upheld by federal courts.


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  • rick_slick Jul 25, 2011

    Props to the author for pointing out the ridiculousness of Mel Watt's gerrymandered district that the Democrats don't have any problems with. As far as David Price goes, how many years do you plan on monopolizing political power for your own benefit? Don't you think 22 years is enough time to have accomplished what you set out to do? For crying out loud, aside from that carpet bagger Fred Heineman you've had a death grip on power for over 2 decades and at 70 years old don't you think its time to retire and go fishing or play with the dogs and grandkids? That's what those of us not addicted to power and ego would do.

  • timmytim Jul 25, 2011

    "Price calls latest congressional map 'mockery'"

    Well then the feeling is mutual since those of us who live in Republican Leaning Western Wake County think David Price is a mockery. It would be nice to have my vote count for something again as opposed to being gerrymandered into the the Liberal Bastions of Durham and Chapel Hill.....

  • mkg1047 Jul 22, 2011

    I heard that Renee Ellmers may be replacing David Price in Cary, District 4. If the districts change and Renee Ellmers becomes our representative, I will not vote!! I know her ethics and I refuse to vote for someone who spreads lies about other representatives. She is not trustworthy!

  • driverkid3 Jul 21, 2011

    SARCASTICLES You're right about the smart voters, that's why the republicans got in last election. People are wising up tto what the dems are doing, and we will put a stop to it.

  • josephlawrence43 Jul 20, 2011

    OK--lets listen to the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Lets all wait in respectful silence as Messers Price and Butterfield don the sack cloth, and cover themselves with ashes in protest of the injustice being inflicted upon them by the new redistricting maps. But, lets all go back over the past 100 or so years of democommie/leftist/socialist domination of NC (which got us into this mess we are in now) and search mightily for any tidbit of fairness shown to conservatives/Republicans during that period. How many public expressions of concern for fairness do we find coming from the Democommies?? Zilch--zip--nada. To the chief weeper and wailer ( and hypocrit) Mr. Hackney I gladly say "get used to it bubba"..Man up and shut up.

  • dhowell Jul 20, 2011

    Listen to the democrats whine. The only problem I have is when I look at the 1st district and realize I am still in it which means that I have no reprensentation for my views.

  • SARCASTICLES Jul 20, 2011

    I love to listen to the Nutty Fringe Right whine because there are more smart voters than stupid voters. Ya'll want some cheese to go with that? All them democratic voters that stayed home in the Mid-Terms have learned their lesson, so you'll all have something to cry about until the GOP wins another majority....which looks like about the year 2112, at LEAST. ;)

  • driverkid3 Jul 20, 2011

    I love to watch the dems whine now that they can't control NC with the iron fist the are used to having.

  • marktroll Jul 20, 2011

    chapel hill hearts david price

  • AlbertEinstein Jul 20, 2011

    Whiner! There appears to be little value in this man, or his comments.