State Senate maps out

Posted July 12, 2011

The Joint Redistricting Committee rolled out its proposed state Senate maps this afternoon.  There's a lot to process here, and much will be written in the next few days on particular districts, but here’s some highlights:

  • Lots of shuffling around out west to account for population but doesn’t seem to put anyone out, except Sen. Debbie Clary who’s double-bunked with fellow Republican Warren Daniels, but Clary’s already planning to retire.
  • Lots of shuffling around up in the northeast too, also necessary to account for population. Dem Stan White’s 1st district gets a little less safe with the loss of Washington and Tyrrell, now part of Dem Clark Jenkins’ 3.
  • Jenkins expands north, shuffling Dem Ed Jones’s 4th over to Halifax, Warren and Vance, with a dip down through Nash to Wilson.
  • The new 5th looks like a new majority-minority district – parts of Goldsboro, Greene, Lenoir, and Pitt. It looks open as far as I can tell. (Former D Sen Don Davis could be a contender if he still lives in Greene). Republican Louis Pate, now in 5, moves to the new 7, carved out of the same counties.
  • Dem Doug Berger, now in old 7, would move to the new 18th, which still includes Franklin County but pushes south into Wake.
  • Wake would be represented by 4.5 senators – the four now (Ds Stein and Blue, Rs Hunt and Stevens) plus the new 18th, which would take the eastern edge of the county.
  • Democrats Ellie Kinnaird (Chapel Hill) and Bob Atwater (Durham) would now share a district and would have to fight it out next year.
  • Brent Jackson’s 10th gets flipped around his home in Sampson Co. It used to go east into Duplin and Lenoir. Now it’s heading west into Harnett and Lee.
  • Stan Bingham leaves High Point and picks up Montgomery. The resulting shuffle moves Jerry Tillman’s 29th into Moore, which used to be Harris Blake’s 22nd.
  • Blake's district goes away, split between Jackson and Tillman.
  • In the Triad, Senate Leader Phil Berger is double-bunked with Dem Don Vaughn.
  • Also, Forsyth Republican Pete Brunstetter is now double-bunked with Dem Linda Garrou.
  • Mecklenburg gets a whole new seat: 41st, running around the eastern edge of the county.
  • Hoke is split off from Robeson and tied to Cumberland instead, snaking into Fayetteville to pick up voters. It looks like it’s splitting precincts left and right.

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  • driverkid3 Jul 13, 2011

    Is anybody surprised that the republicans are going wild with drawing things to their advantage.

    Is anybody surprised that the democrats are having hissy fits over it?

  • marktroll Jul 13, 2011

    @deep so you are predicting that the r's redraw the maps, then get voted out of office? lol let me get what you are tokin on.

  • faperrigo Jul 13, 2011

    According to Laura Leslie, there will be more 'toss up' districts in 2012, base don the Senate map. That is a good thing.

  • Deep Thought Jul 12, 2011

    Is anybody surprised that the republicans are going wild with drawing things to their advantage. Beware, going crazy and doing weird things will be remembered and you risk being voted out next election.

    But, Hey, make the most of your extreme power trip while you've got it, it will be another what 94 years before you get back in power.