Not-so-technical corrections

Posted June 16, 2011
Updated June 20, 2011

Chrissy Pearson and Mark Johnson are probably breathing a little easier tonight. 

The two Perdue press office staffers were among about 11 filled positions in her office that were specifically targeted for pink slips by the GOP. 

The technical corrections bill changes the targeted cuts to "management flexibility," leaving it up to the governor to figure out where to cut about $1.5 million from her office's operational budget. 

Some other changes:

  • The Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources gets flexibility to decide whether to eliminate three positions from each of its seven regional offices or to shift those positions to another cost center.
  • The Parks Division gets flexibility to cut 18 vacant positions, instead of filled ones. 
  • Restricts how many Victim Witness Legal Assistant staff can be cut from each DA's office.
  • Tryon Palace gets an extra $500,000, and won't be defunded as of 2013. 
  • Lieutenant Governor Walter Dalton gets his cell phone back (the budget  had cut it out completely).

You can find a list of the changes in the Technical Corrections bill here. But keep in mind: this is just the first draft of the bill. It still has to make it through both chambers, so some changes may not survive in the final version, and others could be added. 


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  • PoBoy Jun 22, 2011

    Thank you thank you THANK YOU for giving Tryon Palace that extra $500,000!! Wish I could afford the gas to go see it, but being a state employee who's salary has been spayed and neutered since 2008, its pretty much all I can do to get back and forth to work and get the bills paid. And yes, I chose to go into my line of work, surely not for the money, but to serve the citizens of this state, which I will continue to do, with or without any added compensation. Anywho, ya'll go enjoy those gardens at Tryon....reckon I can pull up the pictures on the 'net! Oh, LG Walter D, remember, NO TEXTING WHILE DRIVING... IT'S THE LAW!

  • veritas42 Jun 20, 2011

    Talk about a close call. The Lt Gov almost had to pay for his own cell phone, just like the rest of us private sector drones.

  • redspringssean Jun 17, 2011

    So let me guess. The 3 staffers in the DENR regions who get to keep their jobs are one secretary, a computer guy and one technical person to review all the permits and to respond to all complaints. Talk about running on a skeleton crew!

  • ljohnson247 Jun 16, 2011

    The may be safe for now, but we are sure they will go when Gov Bev goes. They should start looking for a new job now.