Perdue vetoes budget

Posted June 12, 2011
Updated June 13, 2011

Democratic Gov.  Bev Perdue called a rare Sunday press conference to haul out the veto stamp before the cameras this afternoon, rejecting the first GOP-written budget in more than 100 years.  It's the first budget veto in state history. 

Perdue said the state budget "is more than a roadmap. It’s a reflection of our values. It’s a reflection of what we believe in." 

"For the first time, NC has a legislature that’s turning its back on our schools, our children, our longstanding investments in education." 

Perdue said the cuts in the GOP's "ideologically driven" $19.7 billion dollar plan would harm classrooms, turn kids away from preschools, and close college programs, causing "generational damage" to the state's schools.

And she stressed that cuts in other areas would be damaging, too, from emergency response to law enforcement to the courts - "not just education, but our communities, our environment, our public safety system, and our ability to care for those that need us the most.”   Gov. Perdue explains her veto of state budget Gov. Perdue explains her veto of state budget

Perdue again called on lawmakers to consider extending part of a temporary one-cent sales tax to avoid some of the deepest cuts. 

“Yeah, I understand these difficult economic times demand that we all tighten our belts and face up to tough economic choices,” she said. "But I don’t believe you can move NC forward…without balance and reason. And I don’t believe this budget provides either." 

Watch the video of her budget announcement at right. 

Tillis: "Disappointed"

Republican House Speaker Thom Tillis issued the following response via email:

“We’re disappointed in the Governor’s veto today. Gov. Perdue has had access to this budget for almost two weeks, and she should have made this decision days ago to help provide certainty to counties and school boards across the state.

"She has shown no leadership on this issue and no willingness to work with the legislature, choosing instead to veto a budget that protects education and creates jobs. We look forward to overriding the Governor’s last-minute veto very soon.”

Berger: "Obstruction"

Republican Senate Leader Phil Berger sent out this emailed response:  

“The same governor who claims to champion job creation and public education has vetoed a bipartisan budget that does more for both causes than her own proposal. The only explanation for this veto and her statewide media campaign is that the governor believes it is more important to energize her liberal base than to govern responsibly.

"By placing politics ahead of the public interest, she engages in obstruction of the worst kind, and we will act quickly to move North Carolina forward.”

The budget bill, H200, now goes back to the House, where Republicans will try to hold on to the 5 Democratic votes they'll need to override the veto. The Party of Five - Dems Jim Crawford, Bill Owens, Bill Brisson, Dewey Hill, and Tim Spear - have signaled they're likely to vote with the GOP majority to override the veto, putting the budget into law over the Governor's protests.


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  • stanmak Jun 15, 2011

    flow check back at the end of the year and see where the spending levels are. bonners story calculated salaries with the raises retroactive, not from this point forward. and i thought tillis was quoted saying he will have hit the cut mark later into the year? doubt we'll see a story from ll about that though its not enough of a drive by.


  • visavisa21 Jun 13, 2011

    What this GOP and Party of 5 don't realize is that this budget will come back to haunt them down the road. Go ahead and axe the pre-k and you'll find your # of special ed. will increase and therefore the cost per student is even higher. You will also see a rise in drop out rate down the road as those students who desperately needed pre-k services can never catch up and throw in the towel. I have personally seen WCPSS Pre-k services raise the academice level of these "at-risk" children to above K level by the end of the school year. These kids who would've "drowned" in K will now thrive. So sad that the GOP and the dumb 5 don't get it!!

  • PoBoy Jun 13, 2011

    Stay the course, Party of Five! You are to be applauded!

  • Come On_Seriously Jun 13, 2011

    According to the article, even if Hackney's part-time staff were full-time (part-time costs less), Tillis's staffing would still be 10% MORE than Hackney's.

    So, "even with the staff raises that were conditional from the beginning, is tillis's staff budget smaller than hackney's????"


  • stanmak Jun 13, 2011

    even with the staff raises that were conditional from the beginning, is tillis's staff budget smaller than hackney's????


    doesnt mean im ok with it but even with the sneakyness of tillis, hackney and black were still much better at spending money uselessly.

  • Come On_Seriously Jun 13, 2011

    Way to go Governor.

    Maybe if the GOP legislature had some integrity to practice what they claim to preach, they could have worked something out. Tillis just gave his staff 25+% raises. At least 2 are raises of $30k. That means he just fired 2 teachers so that 2 of his personal staffers could make $140 to $150k/year-not to mention the raises he gave to 5 others.

    Way to tighten everyone's belt but your own, Thom.


    He even claimed to spend less on staff, but has a larger one than former speaker Hackney's even if Hackney's part-timers were counted as full-timers. He doesn't seem worried about being factually accurate.

    Meanwhile, his proposed budget directly cut members of her staff, and full-time non-partisan legislative staff haven't gotten a raise in years -not even for cost of living or with promotions.

    The group of 5 Dems should think hard about remaining aboard the hypocrit express.

  • driverkid3 Jun 12, 2011

    This woman is going to drag this state further through the mud. Come on, 2012. We need to get this selfish, greedy woman out of office.

  • JNealNC Jun 12, 2011

    That's the most eloquent and inspirational address by Bev Perdue in the four years I've known her. I am damned excited to see her speak from the heart with sincerity, passion and disgust at the regressive budget that is being forced upon North Carolinians.

  • skeeter II Jun 12, 2011

    I don't believe that there is much difference between what the Gov wants in the budget and what is in the budget for education. I think she is "playing politics" and not being truthful about she wants in the budget bill.

  • jfreud Jun 12, 2011

    How hard is out to decide between our children and a inefficient and costly prison? The 5 democrats should be ashamed of themselves!