Photo back in voter ID

Posted June 7, 2011

After an initial false start this morning, the House Appropriations committee tonight approved a final version of H351, the Voter ID bill. 

The trimmed-down measure removes almost all of the compromise language sponsor Rep. David Lewis, R- Harnett, and others have been working on for months with Democratic critics who say the bill will keep some people from voting. 

The new version doesn't require a "current and valid" driver's license, so voters would be able to use expired licenses.  Those without acceptable ID would be able to get a photo ID for no charge at their county elections office. The measure would cost the state an estimated $2.1 million this fiscal year, according to legislative staff.

The measure would take effect January 1, 2012.  

Lewis said he'd tried to strike a deal with Democrats up until the last minute. "That did not work."

Lewis says the current version of the bill "is based on the law that has passed in Georgia, and has been upheld by the courts in GA. When you go to vote, you wil be asked to show a photo ID."

Rep. Rick Glazier, D-Cumberland, called the bill "patently discriminatory."  

"The effect of this bill will be to disenfranchise potentially tens of thousands of North Carolinians," Glazier said. "This clearly is returning to the worst of all drafts."

The measure passed the committee on a strict party-line vote, and is expected to pass the House the same way tomorrow. But GOP leaders aren't optimistic about its chances down the line. Rep. Ruth Samuelson, R- Mecklenburg, said on Twitter the bill "will likely fall to the gov's veto pen." 


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  • raines mom 2000 Jun 9, 2011

    I agree with the others who say, No ID, No vote. If you have to show a Drivers License at the grocery store to write a check or at the Library to get a Library card, or in a traffic stop, or to board a plane, etc then why is it such a hardship to show photo ID to vote? It is far overdue and just not a real "hardship". Me thinks they doth protest too loudly.

  • csstower Jun 8, 2011

    This shouldn't even be an issue up for discussion. It should be no ID, no vote. Period. But that would cost the Dems a TON of votes from illegals, the dead, etc.

  • weasel2 Jun 8, 2011

    Everyone should have aphoto ID, they will spend the time and money to bus them to the polls. Why not to DMV for an ID, unless they aren't supposed to have one????????

  • ljohnson247 Jun 8, 2011

    If the Gov and the other groups that are saying that their are people that do not have a photo ID, then why not spend the time, energy, and money fighting this issue to help them get a photo ID. With this bill they will get one free. Use some of the money they use to drive people to the polls, drive them to get a photo ID. The majority of the citizens of NC want a voter photo ID. Gov take note.

  • TheBullCity Jun 7, 2011

    Looks like the Republican's lost on this one. Governor will veto and that will be the end of voter id for this year.