On the Record: Senate Leader Phil Berger

Posted May 29, 2011

Senate Leader Phil Berger sat down with David Crabtree and me for the full half-hour show this weekend, talking about the budget battle, unemployment benefits, and the GOP's plans for education reform.  Phil Berger On the Record: Senate GOP spending plan

It was an interesting discussion. If you missed it, you can watch the whole show at right. 


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  • dlphnwmn8 Jun 1, 2011

    Senator Malcolm Graham appealed to his colleagues again on Wednesday to pass a clean bill extending federal jobless benefits to 46,000 long-term unemployed North Carolinians.
    The Mecklenburg County Democrat told the Senate the federal benefits extension had no place in the state budget bill.
    Senator Tom Apodaca responded that the quickest way for Democrats to “do the right thing” would be to pass the Republican’s budget.
    Sen. Graham said the budget debate could drag out another week or two, increasing the uncertainty and stress on thousands of families.
    Graham’s attempt to pass a clean bill for the long-term unemployed failed along party lines, 19-31. Check out this you tube video where Apodaca clearly states “Let’s vote this down now” And they did. http://youtu.be/LvnGGxrhfw4

  • hernameisroxi May 31, 2011

    I understand his philosophy behind what he is doing, however, the state employees are still getting their checks every two weeks, or once a month until July. I understand that if there isn't a budget in place that the people one unemployment extension won't receive their checks as well. I am talking very slowly in a language that the uneducated in the senate can understand, everyone is getting their checks NOW from the State but the unemployed. Everyone understands the impact of no budget Senator Berger. Give them their money now. Other people in the state are getting theirs, your excuse has no solid ground.

  • stanmak May 31, 2011

    clifford the fast food business isnt unique to raleigh. and the fact that you and sartcesticles ome people are taking seriously the possibility of a class action lawsuit on this is laughable, it doesnt even make sense.

  • clifford987 May 31, 2011

    Hey Sarcasticles, please tell me where I can get info on the lawsuit. Stanmark, I cannot a cannot even afford the gas money to get into Raleigh. Unemployment benefits are part of laws and regulations fought for by workers going back more than 50 years. And please don't forget that WE are the government. We have Unemployment Insurance because we paid for it.

  • stanmak May 31, 2011

    actually the job is at mcdonalds, and there are 3 more positions available. its the mcdonalds on peace street in downtown raleigh. the one over on blount st is hiring as well. i have realized that my unemployment was only a patch, it hurts that it was gone, but it also made me think about what i expect government to do for me.

  • SARCASTICLES May 31, 2011

    OK, Hercule Poirot......DO tell why, if unemployment isn't a real issue, have the Republigoons hijacked the bill that would have passed over a month ago without their INTERFERENCE? They already face a Federal lawsuit for obstructing Federal Funds.......next stop......The Recall Zone. ;)

  • clifford987 May 31, 2011

    Great news stanmark, you got yours so the heck with the rest. Can you spot me $50 until either Walmart or McDonalds call?

  • stanmak May 31, 2011

    the extended benefits isnt a real issue. not enough people are in the mix of it that is why the governor didnt do anything on it either. my benefits ran out and you know what happened? i got a job. not a great job but it brings in 300 a week which is more than my unemployment was.

  • clifford987 May 31, 2011

    Elected representatives witholding Federal funds for the unemployed is not acceptable. What will it take to get their attention about how imoral this use of power is? After 100 years of observation my GOP leaders have learned nothing.


  • simpleman01 May 31, 2011

    what is your point? There has been nore shortfall for last 100 years. There was surplus just in 2005. The recession caused this shortage. Cause and effect, people become unemployed = less money being spent by consumers = less revenue in taxes.Also no job = no taxes paid. I am niether DEM or REP but you REP seem to always twist things around for your own agenda.