Senate Approps: Your cheat sheets

Posted May 24, 2011

The Senate budget committee meets at 10am Wednesday to take up proposed amendments to their version of H200, the state budget plan.

If you're wondering where the Senate and House budgets differ, you've basically got two options: You can do a page-by-page comparison of the two chambers' bills and money reports, at maybe 500 pages apiece. Or you can take the shortcut provided to you by the Fiscal Research Division.

For today's Senate subcommittee meetings, FRD prepared the documents below, showing where the House and Senate differ in the six major budget areas.  

This depth of information isn't usually available until both chambers have passed their own versions of the budget and are headed into conference committee to work out the details. Even then, it's not usually this comprehensive. So major kudos to Fiscal Research and Senate leadership for making these comparisons available online today.  

But they're tucked into various folders on six different committee websites, so I figured I'd just put together a master list here, in one place.  

House versus Senate cheat sheets:

-- Education spending and scholarships
-- General Government spending and policy
-- Justice and Public Safety spending, organizational chart, and court costs
-- Transportation spending and policy
Please note: These comparisons don't capture all the differences between the House and Senate versions. For example, there's no chart here for tax cuts, reserve and pension spending, rainy day savings, or other special provisions that aren't specifically related to a budget line. But hey - it's a start, right?

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  • dlphnwmn8 May 25, 2011

    House Rules votes on straight party lines to keep unemp benefits tied to budget measure. 14 Rs, 9 Ds.

    So everybody.....there it is. They had their chance to help us and just flipped us a big old bird.

  • redspringssean May 25, 2011

    The State is broke and the House thinks we have $10 Million to waste on a study of DENR's regional offices. It won't even save that much in closing the regional offices so my question is who is it in the House that has a buddy they want to hand over this money to for their loyal support. If this goes through, then the voters should definitely follow this money trail to see where this boondogel leads.