Animal welfare laws in NC

Posted May 23, 2011

From puppy mill regulation to the new anti-neglect bill, Chamberlin's Law, animal welfare laws are always a tough sell at the NC General Assembly, year in and year out.

Why is this such a controversial topic? And why don't state lawmakers want to talk about it? Activists pushing for puppy mill law Activists pushing for better animal welfare laws

Here's my story on the issue from Friday's 6pm newscast.  And yes, all the footage used is WRAL's footage, taken by our own reporters, at puppy mill raids around the Piedmont in the past several years. 

The web version of the story has links to information from both sides of the debate.  


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  • racoats1 May 26, 2011

    I really think it is dispicable that the Republicans, my party, will not do something about puppy mills and people neglecting defenseless animals. Believe me, I am going to continuously email and write and call my state reps and senator to vote for Chamberlin's Law.

  • swabby01 May 24, 2011

    thank you for covering this important topic. until i started volunteering with the coalition to unchain dogs i was oblivious to all the pain and suffering of animals all around me. it is very important to call out the nc pork council, the akc, the nra, and all the others that work against any animal welfare laws. now that i know what suffering goes into my food i will gladly pay more for cruelty free meat or just eat a lot less of it.

  • maryburkett1 May 23, 2011

    Why is there two sides to this issue? Why does anyone want to see a animal suffer? We had almost the same thing in Oklahoma. I know puppy mill owners are afaird of losing money but what does the nra have in it? And to say it going to hurt farmers and hunter is stupid unless they use them for target pratice and in that state it probaly isn't uncommon.I was born in NC