On the Record roundtable

Posted May 22, 2011

"On the Record" this weekend was a lively reporter roundtable on the unemployment standoff, the government donations bill, the upcoming Senate budget, and other bills on the horizon in Raleigh. On the Record On the Record: Legislative logjams

Mark Binker from the Greensboro News-Record and the Carolinian's Cash Michaels joined David Crabtree, Bruce Mildwurf and me for the half-hour discussion. It's a good show – check it out at right. 


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  • hernameisroxi May 24, 2011

    It is basically like this... If Gov. Perdue signed that bill, all the responsibility would have been laid on her to make the buget reforms if they could not come to a consensus. OR they could just all gone home and leave it to her, either way it would have been ALL her responsibility, good or bad! They don't want to be held responsible for the changes that are made here, that is the reason the EB bill is tied to the budget. And yes, we are being held hostage, they think the Gov. will take pity and sign. The whole thing is shameful. They don't like the fact that we have a female democratic Gov. They are trying to show her "a thing or two" got news guys, women vote too. Most people can see through all of this to know what's really happening but the people in politics think everyone is stupid but them. I don't even want to imagine, 50,000 people wihtout benefits on the street of Raleigh, it really should not ahve to come to that, but I AM IN

  • chancethretha May 23, 2011

    Here we go again!! Republicans trying to make the Governor look Bad!! Guest what when you try to dig a ditch for someone else rest assure you better dig two!! For you will definetly be in the ditch (Republicans) For the Governor has made her reason for veto on the bill!! I dont blame her!! If you are telling me that you want to create more Jobs, Help Education, and Medicare or Medical Expenses for the American People how can you Set in your seats that you were elected to and You All gave the affirm oath that you would provide jobs and help the American People!! In the End it is the Republican Party that is going to come out the loser!! and all the Democrats and Republican families such as myself that has to listen and watch their hard earn savings, homes, cars, and family and governmental betrayal go up in smoke!! But Guess What I being an American Citizen came in to this world naked and naked I will leave here cannot take one penny with me!! I say to the Democrats and The Republicans

  • stanmak May 23, 2011

    once again, further chatter confirming the REAL possibility of a government shutdown. its coming, and you all thought us 30-40 ppl not getting a few peanuts every week was bad??? wait till all government workers/state agencies have to go home! with great power comes great responsibility beverly purdue. LL and her crew are starting to hint at our gov being to blame here.

  • dlphnwmn8 May 23, 2011

    We are now up to 50,000 plus individuals unable to collect. Understand the 50,000 count does not include spouses and children. A friend with family had his electricity cut off the Thursday before Mother's Day. Can you imagine what kind of weekend they had? And now facing eviction May 31 if UI not reinstated. Check out this article: unemployment benefits stalemate splits jobless family - http://ow.ly/4S7nY - #ncga #ncpol. Our elected offiicials know each day they will eat three meals, have water to drink and to bathe, be warm on chilly nights and cool on warm days, be able to afford gas, to buy meds, have insurance when ill, their mortgage will be paid on tiime and their lights will shine when needed in the dark of night. They know when payday is as they work for us and we pay them. Shouldn't they start working FOR us and not AGAINST us?