Perdue's son apologizes for Facebook slam

Posted May 19, 2011

Gov. Bev Perdue's son, Garrett, 34, put his virtual foot in his mouth earlier this month when he referred to a New Bern political fundraiser as "chronic adulterer and town crier" on a Facebook posting about an event for former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory.

Garrett Perdue never named his target, but, according to Politico, the May 11 event was held at the home of Buddy Stallings.

Perdue posted an apology to Facebook, writing "I regret that my actions may reflect poorly on my family."



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  • 1 awesome Dad May 21, 2011

    He may have put his foot in his mouth however I am sure the 45000 people that the republicans have decided to use would love to put their foot somewhere else besides thier mouth.

  • stanmak May 20, 2011

    @ gwbrowni "Whitman, Granholm, Meg Whitney, Haley, Blanco, Sibelius"??? lol happy hour isnt till 5, arent you still on the clock??? id take a handful of dem's in the state leg over bev. at least garrou, ross, harrison have proven that they can solve simple problems, and they actually speak up when there is a problem instead of hiding behind cronies.

  • gwbrowni May 20, 2011

    What contemporary woman politician would be preferable? A Whitman, Granholm, Meg Whitney, Haley, Blanco, Sibelius?
    They aren't all brimming with schadenfreude nor BP. Elevate an apprentice whyte boy to mature in place? McRory -color blind strict populist? Hmmm.

  • driverkid3 May 20, 2011

    This proves that the acorn definitely does not fall far from the tree. I think that dems are getting VERY nervous, as they should.

  • stanmak May 20, 2011

    lol @gwbrowni so what position on her staff do you have? last time i checked she has the lowest approval rating of any sitting governor in the history of NC.

  • jgriffith3792 May 20, 2011

    I would expect this kind of behavior from a teenager. But a Lawyer working at the state's largest law firm with a former governor?

    34 year old mama's boy that can't stand on his own two feet and afraid of losing his meal ticket.

  • gwbrowni May 20, 2011

    This governator lady either lures or invites unflattering spatulation like flies to honey strangely to those liking a strong closer. She's a focused and grounded public servant with the welfare and education of your child in mind.

  • stanmak May 20, 2011

    bev has more than this to worry about come 2012

  • Moth Ball May 20, 2011

    Note this is an apology to Bev and not to the defamed person so the headline is wrong.