Stam: Scotty who?

Posted May 12, 2011

Sounds like House Majority Leader Skip Stam, R-Wake, will be watching American Idol tonight to see if Garner native Scotty McCreery makes it into the top three. 

After Rep. Deborah Ross, D-Wake, made (yet another) announcement reminding House members to cheer for Scotty tonight, Stam stood up to ask if "Scotty" was a terrier. (Stam, according to his own staff, has never watched American Idol.)

Ross's comeback was quick:  "I'm sure he's gotten more votes from your district than you ever have."

An hour or two later, Stam sent out the following press release: 

NC House Majority Leader says, “Watch Scotty”

Since the end of today’s legislative session I have learned a lot about Scotty McCreery. After talking to EVERYONE, I realized what a popular and talented young man he is.

I’ll be sure to watch tonight. I have alerted my family, Facebook and Twitter friends to do the same.

After he wins, I hope to cheer him on in Garner.

Sounds like somebody got an earful. Maybe two.


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  • soujiro2k2 May 13, 2011

    Really? This is news??

  • myprayers May 13, 2011

    I see nothing wrong with knowing what is happening in North Carolina maybe not a matter of life of death but something like this should be announced at the Assembly. I know we are all having a hard time these days but some of you please soften your hearts. I read the remarks made sometimes and I worry what has happened in their lives to be so negative. Guys soften your hearts alittle bit for the sake of mankind.

  • dlphnwmn8 May 13, 2011

    Stam is not worried about us "37,000" as he does not support HB 676. They all work 4 days and go home on Friday. You would think since he represents Wake County and at some point watches the local news he would have heard of Scotty. Now it's " NC House Majority Leader says, “Watch Scotty” My friend won't because his electricty was cut off the Thursday before Mother's Day. And is facing eviction by May 31st.

  • blahblahblah May 13, 2011

    Seems like everyone on here thinks that our government officials work 24/7. Don't you think they go home at some point each day? Why do you all seem to think they are not allowed to sit down and watch television and relax at the end of a day?

  • cybergump May 13, 2011

    Once again libs wanting their representatives paying more attention to American Idol than doing the work of the people. And the legalized mafia IS gone. We voted them out of Raleigh back in Nov. It was well past time to throw out the trash. 100+ yrs overdue. Hey, you have the white house full of those who pay attention to Hollywood and not the people's business. And look at the nightmare they have us in !!!! I'll stick with those who could care less about what tv shows to watch. Sad commentary of those who don't face reality.....

  • OGE May 13, 2011

    He should be more worried about 37000 people waiting on his better judgement to pay their bills than American Idol..

    On second thought he should watch American Idol!

  • OGE May 13, 2011

    I would not know who Scotty is if a girl who works next to me was not just amazed by him.

  • 1 awesome Dad May 13, 2011

    This legalized mafia in Raleigh needs to go. With the dopes in the Republican party it is a wonder the SBI has not roped off the legislative building in Raleigh for being the biggest meth lab in the state. :(

  • 1 awesome Dad May 13, 2011

    Well well another arrogant non leading bystander that could care less about the 37000 citizens that he has turned his back and slit their throat. Maybe he should change his name to Benedict Arnold so we'd all know who he is.

    Another lying back stabbing cut throat politician at their best work.

  • dlphnwmn8 May 13, 2011

    Rep. Stam not interested in UI EB benefits. Won't back HB 676.