House passes budget, Perdue signals trouble

Posted May 4, 2011

From tonight's 5:30 newscast, WRAL anchor Debra Morgan and I talk about the day's budget debate in the NC House, while anchor Cullen Browder has reaction to the proposal from Gov. Bev Perdue. Watch both stories below. Gov. Beverly Perdue House OKs budget; Perdue blasts education cuts


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  • stanmak May 12, 2011

    Flow- Gerry Cohen the NCGA bill drafting director, instructed reporter lisa sorg to the NC Constitution to prove that a gov't shutdown WILL happen in the event of a budget agreement not being reached. He went on to say that most likely a state court would permit the governor to continue ONLY the vital functions of prisons, police forces, and federally madated programs. this was all in Indy weekly's 5.11.11 edition. any thoughts flow? care to argue with NCGA ultra liberal staffers????????? i guess all that "rhetoric from the R's" about a government shutdown was true and you were wrong.

  • stanmak May 12, 2011

    im not an R I voted for bev and im still a D but she is clueless just like you and your parrot dolfinwoman. you have no idea what it feels like to be in my shoes. to have put some trust in bev and then she is doing this. its like a teacher getting into a staring contest with a 3rd grader and people are suffering in the background. she is the teacher/leader and needs to do something.
    dolphanman i dont give a terd about h676 the stubborn R's have made it clear that they have no intention of addressing this. its time for OUR GOVERNOR to be the bigger person. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?????????????????????????

  • Come On_Seriously May 12, 2011

    Stmk-I never claimed to be unbiased- just able to look at more than one aspect of the issue, process it rationally, and respond to questions without angry name-calling. I even gave some props to the Rs for trying to get folks to do some community service. I guess your 'R card' gives you credibility without actually answering questions or being the least objective or civil. Good luck to you out there.

  • dlphnwmn8 May 12, 2011

    stanmak: you still haven't shared yout thoughts as to why the Republicans refuse to present HB 676 to the governor to sign. Once signed the benefits will flow to you and the rest of us. You do understand she cannot present that bill to herself.

  • stanmak May 12, 2011

    flow you give credit to the dems no matter what they do, you are a card carrying member of the democrat party so you automatically lose ground in any political discussion (like this one) where you claim to be unbias. 2 points of which you got destroyed on and fail to realize- 1)the gov has more responsibility in the extended benefits standoff 2)a government shutdown is absolutely possible if a budget is not passed.
    why dont you chew on that and then barf out some more laura leslie democrat rhetoric that defends your mommy bev.

  • Come On_Seriously May 11, 2011

    Stmk-I'm not sure how plugging the holes in your emotion-heavy and logic-poor rants are 'deflecting, babble, or dribble.' I'm sorry if it is too complicated for you. You are the one who won't answer questions. What would you have the gov do? She's said she wants and will sign a clean bill the moment she gets it. She can't send them a bill, un-veto the bill that started the political game, or enact her own legislation. Leadership does not mean capitulating to demands. The Rs in the GA could have ended this long ago by sending her a clean or compromise bill. They won't even agree to talk about it. I appreciate your saying we have a failure across the board and I'm not saying that Bev is our greatest gov ever, just that this game was begun by the Rs, and is being perpetuated by the Rs. Ball is in their court. I even think they may have a good idea by tying it up with comm. service instead. My eyes are not the ones clouded with misplaced anger and I will give credit where it is due.

  • 1 awesome Dad May 10, 2011

    the governor needs to do lead and govern, and the R's knew all to well what manipulating the governor with the 37000 unemployed. So shame on both of them and I hope they all get what they deserve

  • stanmak May 10, 2011

    flow pull your head out of you know where and open your eyes. im sure at this point the 37000 has grown and we still have a failure at leadership across the boards. obama wouldnt still be engaged in this standoff he would have comprimised by now. this is ridicuous and sorry, we have a governor that is supposed to lead- a governor that has more power AND MORE responsibility AND MORE accountability than the senate or house leaders.
    so flow, you keep deflecting with your dribble going down rabbit trails if you want. but its clear that you are just babbling at this point.

  • dlphnwmn8 May 9, 2011

    Anything on HB 676???? Stand Alone Unemployment Extension Bill?????

  • Come On_Seriously May 9, 2011

    Stanmak- I thought you read some budget law last week. It is state law that the budget must be balanced (which means by definition that expenditures must equal revenue). The governor's budget is bound by that law just as the GA budget is-and her budget indeed equals available revenue. Are you suggesting that the governor's budget was created in open violation of state law? There is certainly a difference in projected revenue as she proposes keeping 3/4 of the temporary sales tax and the Rs want it gone. There is almost certainly some discrepancy on the projected revenue between GA forecasters and State Budget Office forecasters. Of course, you knew this, and in my obvious confusion, I'm sure that I have over-simplified the entire process.