Gov. Perdue to veto benefit/budget bill

Posted April 16, 2011

Just into the inbox:  Gov. Bev Perdue's spokeswoman Chrissy Pearson says a veto will be coming later today. 

From the email:

"Gov. Perdue intends to veto HB 383 later today. The General Assembly has once again shown they are willing to play games with people's lives in holding hostage some 37,000 unemployed North Carolinians. But to sign the bill and suffer the extreme cuts proposed by Republicans would risk the future of this state and the lives of 9.5 million citizens.

"A veto message and statement from the governor will be out later today."

Pearson also announced the move on Twitter:  "Gov. Perdue intends to veto HB 383 later today. Statement will follow. A darn shame, holding 37,000 hostage. #ncga could do better."

The Governor's account, @ncgovoffice, retweeted it, which I guess is confirmation in the brave new world of social media journalism. 

Republican reactions are here.


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  • stanmak Apr 19, 2011

    play games??? this is very simple. the governor vetoed the bill. no games, she vetoed it. she had the chance, two part bill or not, to extend benefits and she said no.

  • mikeyj Apr 18, 2011

    She's posturing!

  • jpt Apr 18, 2011

    Really stinks that the Leg put Gov. Perdue in this position. She really has no choice, but it still takes a lot of guts. Good job Gov. Perdue in a tough situation.