And the winner is...

Posted March 11, 2011

You may remember the Oxmeter, the "award" bestowed by the Senate on members for bloviation, obfuscation, or just generally carrying on too long, especially on a bill there isn't much debate over.  

Senate Leader Phil Berger handed it out for the first time this session. The winner: Senate Majority Leader Harry Brown, R-Onslow. 

Brown was the sponsor of S110, "Permit Terminal Groins."  

Terminal groins are kind of like jetties - "hardened structures" that protect inlets. They're banned in NC for environmental reasons, but Brown's measure would allow them in limited cases.  It passed easily.

Berger said it was a "difficult decision" for the Oxmeter Committee.  

"After hearing Senator Stevens [on the Red Route bill] today, we felt like maybe his performance actually outdid Senator Brown's," Berger told the Senate. "But the title of his bill actually won the day." Oxmeter The session's first Oxmeter


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