Some legislators like using cameras for law enforcement

Posted March 7, 2011

If lawmakers decide to end the use of red light cameras in North Carolina, they could always decide to give the cameras a new life catching speeders.

Rep. Rick Glazier, D-Cumberland, filed House Bill 145 a couple of weeks ago, calling for a pilot program to use red light cameras as part of an "electronic speed-measuring system" to ticket speeders near schools and in road construction zones.

Tickets would be mailed to the owners of vehicles caught zipping through the areas, with fines set at $250 for a highway work zone and $125 for a school traffic zone.

A vehicle owner would have 30 days to send a sworn affidavit to the DMV if he or she wasn't behind the wheel when the cameras snapped a shot of the speeding vehicle's license plate.

No doubt, Sen. Don East won't like the idea.

East, R-Surry,  recently introduced legislation to ban the use of red light cameras statewide, calling them unfair. He says people being ticketed deserve the right to talk to the officer issuing the citation – and cross-examine them in court, if it comes to that – but drivers who receive their tickets in the mail can't do that.


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  • 27610-USA Mar 9, 2011

    When are the Democrats are going to learn that they are out numbered with silly ideas?

  • 27610-USA Mar 9, 2011

    What do you think of that Rep. Rick Glazier?

  • 27610-USA Mar 9, 2011

    Then I will be using the spray to hide the information on my plates.

  • jollyrogered Mar 8, 2011

    They can still take the ticket to court and get it waived, isnt that what everyone does any ways? You are really going to waste a whole court day cross examing a cop for your speeding ticket? Doesnt that just bog down the system, when most cops and DA's will just let you get the charges dropped any ways?

  • lesllc Mar 8, 2011

    Bur rabbitt you are exactly right. Let's also place cameras at the local golf course so we can watch the legislators drink beer all day, golf, then drive home. Not to mention cameras in the back rooms of the legislative building where all of the greasy back-scratching and politics tack place. It take the ratings from American Idol instantly....

  • canute Mar 7, 2011

    Again, 1) owner vs driver: No evidence is not the same as sufficient evidence. 2) violation of legal precedent: speeding is a criminal offense. Turning speeding into a civil penalty is the means to deny 6th Amendment rights (right to a eyewitness) in order to collect $. Also, automated systems have no way to judge one-off circumstances. For instance, speeding up to avoid an accident. In which case, the person opting for safety gets the ticket.

  • brrrrabbitt Mar 7, 2011

    Try transponders on all legislative cars first. Send them a ticket each time they violate traffic law at the location of their car.If they are happy with that; then put out speeding cameras.