Ex-cop in Senate wants to outlaw red light cameras

Posted March 4, 2011

Sen. Don East patrolled the streets of Winston-Salem for almost 20 years. Now, he's putting his law enforcement experience to work in the General Assembly.

The Surry County Republican recently introduced legislation to ban the use of red light cameras statewide.

East says the cameras are unfair, noting people being ticketed deserve the right to talk to the officer issuing the citation – and cross-examine them in court, if it comes to that. He says drivers who receive their tickets in the mail can't do that.

Also, he maintains that some cities promised to use the fees from the tickets issued by the red light camera system to fund education, and they aren't doing that.

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  • canute Mar 7, 2011

    Don East has got it right. Red light camera enforcement violates legal precedent. Red light running is treated as a criminal offense so that the 6th Amendment kicks in and gives the accused the right to a fair trial with witnesses present. RedFlex and ATS convinced Raleigh, Cary, Knighdale and Fayetteville to ignore legal precedent (which is illegal), so that they can reach into driver's pockets more easily.

    Also East nailed in on the head for the hypocrisy of funding education. I have Cary's accounting sheets from 2008. $46 out of $50 citation went right to RedFlex. Cary's contract with RedFlex gives 91% to RedFlex. The more tickets Cary gives out, the less Cary has to give to RedFlex. But as of 2011, it is still 91%. Which BTW, is against Article IX of the NC Constitution: penal fines shall not go to the profit of the town or private company.