She doesn't seem dead

Posted September 17, 2012

— I spoke to Carolyn Perry for this story on voter's whose registration had been challenged based on the fact that they might be dead.

Perry, whose registration was challenge by the Voter Integrity Project, said she worried about the practical consequences of being singled out as potentially deceased. What would happen if, for example, that inaccurate information somehow made it into the hands of folks handling her retirement from Wake County Schools? she asked.

"I just paid my Wake County taxes on my car, and they cashed the check," Perry said, wondering if the tax man would have any issue with taking payment from the undead. 

I also spoke to Barbara Hall, of Cary, for the story. 

"I was a little offended," she said, describing her reaction when she opened the Board of Elections missive to her family. "Who on earth would contest my right to vote?"

She, too, had just returned a property tax bill with payment.

Hall, who is retired from the accounting field, said she usually votes on Election Day. But this year, she said, she'll vote early just to make sure there are no problems with her registration. 

"It's kind of upsetting," she said. 


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  • jrfergerson Sep 19, 2012

    Today I went to apply for SSI - I had to take with me a photo ID, my W2 from 2011, my Social Security card, my marriage license and still people don't think they should have a photo ID to vote - Well if I needed all this to claim SSI - I say WHY NOT