Dalton's "Talk"

Posted September 12, 2012

Democrat Walter Dalton has the first ad of the fall season out in his campaign for governor. 

Interestingly, Dalton talks about ethics in the ad, an acknowledgment of the scandals that consumed former Gov. Mike Easley and former House Speaker Jim Black. Even sitting Gov. Bev Perdue – a Democrat like Dalton, Easley and Black – has had to forfeit money from her campaign treasury due to unreported campaign flights. 

"After years of scandal, I get why people have lost faith in their leaders," Dalton says in the ad, then pledges to be "a different type of governor." 

Dalton spends a fair amount of the commercial saying that he won't outsource jobs or cut education, straying from the ethics theme until the end when he says, "I'm not slick or fancy. But I'll work hard, and I'll always shoot straight with you."

The ad is airing on broadcast television in all markets, according to the Dalton campaign. McCrory's ad went up on TV in early August and has been there ever since. 


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