McCrory's math ad

Posted August 30, 2012

— Republican candidate for governor Pat McCrory has a new television ad out.

The spot, titled "Math," ads up job losses across the state. 

From the ad's script:

PERSON 1: You know, there are more than four hundred thousand North Carolinians out of work right now.

PERSON 2: That’s more than the populations of Asheville, Shelby, Burlington, Chapel Hill, Jacksonville and Wilmington combined.

PERSON 1: Good math.

PERSON 2: Bad deal.

PERSON 1: Need someone new, an outsider.

PERSON 2: McCrory.

PERSON 1: McCrory..

PERSON 2: Pass the barbecue sauce …

And yes, the claim about more than 400,000 people being out of work in NC adds up, according to the N.C. Employment Security Commission. 


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  • jlp Sep 3, 2012

    They left out the part that the GOP has been in control of NC for two years now and the unemployment rate has increased.

  • jackjones2nc Sep 2, 2012

    Very good and easy message for slow thinkers.

  • COPs eye Aug 31, 2012

    classic copy