NRCC targets McIntyre

Posted August 22, 2012

— When @NCCapitol set out to fact check a DCCC ad that targets Republican David Rouzer, we had to look for vetting of similar claims that had shown up in other ads.

A new ad by the NRCC that targets Rouzer's opponent, Democratic incumbent Mike McIntyre, has attracted a full-blown debunking from FactCheck.Org.

From the FactCheck column:

The target of this deceptive attack from the National Republican Congressional Committee is Rep. Mike McIntyre of North Carolina, a conservative “Blue Dog” Democrat who bucked his party by voting for every extension of Bush’s cuts, even for upper-income taxpayers.

And how does the NRCC justify its bogus claims? In the case of the Bush tax cuts, the NRCC points to a vote McIntyre cast on a non-binding budget resolution in 2008 that had no impact on the tax cuts because they weren’t scheduled to expire until Dec. 31, 2010. McIntyre voted in 2010 to extend the Bush tax cuts for two years, and he was one of only 19 Democrats this month to vote to extend them for another year. He also twice opposed his own party’s attempts to allow the tax cuts to expire for high-income taxpayers.

On Social Security, the NRCC cites McIntyre’s vote in 2000 against lowering (not a vote for raising) income taxes on Social Security earnings of upper-income taxpayers. The NRCC is employing an old trick, claiming that opposing a tax cut is a vote for “higher” taxes, even though nobody’s taxes would increase.

The ad also recycles an exaggerated claim that President Obama’s stimulus created jobs in China. As we have written before, some components for U.S. wind energy projects and energy efficient traffic lights were manufactured in China. The number of jobs created in China is not known, but only a small fraction of the stimulus was spent on Chinese parts.

Here's the ad:


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