Big raises in treasurer's office

Posted August 22, 2012

State Treasurer Janet Cowell has given five senior employees raises worth roughly 10 percent of their salary during the past year, as first reported by the state government newsletter, "The Insider."

Most state employees did not receive raises during the fiscal year in which the raises were granted. However, a law passed in 2011 allows state agencies to make adjustments if a worker takes on more responsibility or there are other factors that merit the changes. The five employees, their raises and effective dates were:

  • Investment Director Susan Carter; from $210,000 to $230,000, effective 12/1/2011
  • Investment Director Jeff Smith;  from $210,000 to $230,000, effective 12/1/2011
  • Portfolio Manager Bradley Creel; from $82,000 to $90,200, effective 8/11/2011
  • Portfolio Manager Arlene Jones-McCalla; from $85,000 to $93,000, effective 8/11/2011
  • Attorney Joyce Rutledge, $109,540 to $120,494, effective 3/1/2012

Julia Vail, a spokeswoman for Cowell, confirmed The Insider story but declined to say why the raises were granted.

"The specific reasons for each salary increase would be part of the confidential data in the employee’s personnel file, unless the salary increase was attributable to a promotion. None of these salary increases were attributable to a promotion," Vail said. "The Department can confirm, however, that the salary increases would not have been approved unless the situation fell within one or more exceptions to the general salary freeze."

Those exceptions can be found in the 2011 budget bill, which says salary increases can be made for "reallocations or promotions, in‑range adjustments for job change, career progression adjustments for demonstrated competencies, or any other adjustment related to an increase in job duties or responsibilities, none of which are subject to the salary freeze otherwise provided by this Part. All other salary increases are prohibited."


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  • heisenberg Aug 24, 2012

    The state budget is in the red and they are handing out 10% pay raises - while unemployment goes up among the private sector - typical.

  • faperrigo Aug 23, 2012

    Mr. Binker, is there any other news out of the Treasurer's office? Any fire with the smoke that was in a recent Civitas article concerning the class action suit against Facebook, Mr. Bowles, and a NY law firm?

  • Rebelyell55 Aug 23, 2012

    This just a little too much over the top. Those few got some serious money off of the tax payers. They left out that she also got a pretty nice raise herself.

  • ncwolf08 Aug 23, 2012

    Morale in state government is already bad enough without this. Most of us state workers are barely making ends meet, with salaries in the low to mid $30K. We are told there is no money for raises and in-range increases and that we are lucky to have a job in this economy. We have been told that it is not the State's problem whether we can feed our families or not. Yet, there always seems to be enough money for placing more political appointees...but none for those who actually do the work. We need a change from the good ole boy politics.

  • frlawson663 Aug 23, 2012

    I am a school employee and I cannot believe that they could give such raises and pay these people such outrageous salaries. This just shows how much respect that they do not have for the little person who does the majority of the work. I say get rid of all of them and put someone else in the positions that can do they job for a whole lot less. Our job duties change on a daily basis and we are expected to do them if we want to continue getting a paycheck, not to mention that they 1.5% raise we received was the first in several years. These people need to have to live like the majority of us do no matter what your duties are. These positions need to be looked at and restructed to go with what our economy is today. There is going to be votes lost with this information going out to the public.

  • judithfergerson Aug 23, 2012

    With these exceptions that can be found in the 2011 budget bill, which says salary increases can be made for "reallocations or promotions, in‑range adjustments for job change, career progression adjustments for demonstrated competencies, or any other adjustment related to an increase in job duties or responsibilities, Many that are doing the major part of the work are being overlooked - does that make it clear why so many are leaving state government

  • lec02572 Aug 23, 2012

    Wow, that is amazing. Other state employees were barred from getting raises, and just this year got a whole 1.2% raise. No wonder the retirement fund is going down.

  • scnewton Aug 23, 2012


  • atc2 Aug 23, 2012

    Cowell, Carter and Smith should be investigated starting yesterday. I wrote a check to the state in April, I hope they choke on. These two people making over $200K salary is pathetic. They should not be making more the $100K. This needs attention, taxpayers are fed up. Cowell, you lost my vote!!!!! These Directors need to be fired with no benefits, you know they are crooked

  • COPs eye Aug 23, 2012

    these salaries are already waaaaaaaaay above the general citizen salaries....teachers, police, EMS personnel...wow just another paper pushin job...watch out for paper cuts