Budget override swing votes: Crawford

Posted June 29, 2012

— Rep. Jim Crawford, D-Granville, voted with Republicans to override Gov. Bev Perdue's veto of the budget last year. Shortly afterward, he was elevated to a full Appropriations Chairman, a post he held under Democratic leaders. He is the sole Democrat among the "big chairs" in either the House or Senate. 

"I'll be listening to both sides to see what they have to say," Crawford said Friday, putting himself in the category of people whose vote might go either way. That's despite the fact as a budget chairman, he had a hand in putting the document that went to Perdue together. 

Asked if he say any hope that Republicans and Perdue, a Democrat, would be able to compromise, he said, "Nope."

Crawford said neither side has been terribly clear.

"I've talked to both sides a great length," he said. "But I don't have a clue where we are. So good luck figuring it out."

Worth noting: Crawford lost his primary earlier this year, so does not have an immediate political incentive to vote either way. 


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