HAVA funds "in controversy"

Posted June 29, 2012

— House Republicans have sent the Senate a package of "technical corrections" to the state budget. The Senate immediately took umbrage at several of the items included in that package.

Among the items that Sen. Richard Stevens, R-Wake, said were "in controversy" was a boost to elections funding the House agreed to Thursday.

That boost came a day after House leaders initially rejected an attempt to draw down federal Help America Vote Act fund. Stevens said House leaders should have stuck to their guns on the philosophy of turning down federal money.

Also problematic in his mind is a provision in the bill that would give the Perdue administration more flexibility to spend Medicaid funds. Stevens said that money was withheld to make sure state spending stayed on track before embarking on an expansion of the program.

As well, he said, he disagreed with a provision that delayed increasing or placing new tolls on coast ferries. 

A compromise on the bill would be hammered out in advance of the legislature's adjournment for the year on Monday or Tuesday. 


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