Tillis meets with activists to 'assess' voter ID

Posted June 13, 2012
Updated June 14, 2012

House Speaker Thom Tillis

Updated: see below

There's apparently a new compromise Voter ID bill circulating in the state House. The language hasn't yet been made publicly available, but House Speaker Thom Tillis is already meeting with some groups to get feedback.

Randy Dye, conservative blogger at "Randy's Right," announced such a meeting via press release Tuesday. 

"Conservative bloggers throughout the state of NC will be meeting one on one with Thom Tillis to assess the wording of the Voter ID bill to assure Democrats will not result in a watered down bill that E-verify resulted in," Dye's press release said.

"Our meeting is scheduled for this Wed 11:30am at Tillis's office at General Assembly," Dye said.

According to Dye's release, the meeting with Tillis would also be attended by William Gheen of ALIPAC, Ron Woodard of NC Listen, James Johnson & Maurine Johnson of NC Fire, Donna Yowell of Feet to the Fire, and David DeGerolamo of NC Freedom/NC Renegade. 

Although Dye describes them as bloggers, most are better known as political activists on the issue of illegal immigration. 

Tillis's spokesman Jordan Shaw confirmed the meeting took place this morning, but denied it was any sort of consultation on the language of the bill. 

"It was just a meeting to hear their concerns," Shaw said. "We'll also be meeting with folks on the other side of the issue as well."

Shaw couldn't immediately say when the Speaker plans to meet with "the other side."  

Update: A Tillis staffer says the Speaker had a meeting with the NAACP scheduled for 1:45 this afternoon, but the NAACP cancelled the meeting. State NAACP president Rev. William Barber disputes that account.

Update 2: David DeGerolamo, one of the activists who met with Tillis today, gave the meeting four "thumbs ups" in a post at NCRenegade.com. 



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  • oldaltar Jun 18, 2012

    For a party who suppose to stand for so much freedom I wonder why it is trying to suppress our basic liberty or right to vote. A right that many bleed and died so that all could have the right to participate. Apparently they are not aware of this sacrifice. Apparently no one in their family had to made this sacrifice. Plutocracy in action.

  • randydye15 Jun 18, 2012

    @ SARCASTICLES...may I ask then what ACORN was all about and the government indictments agaisnt them. May I ask you why people get a jury duty summons and return it it saying they are not a US citizen, yet still show up as voters?

  • randydye15 Jun 18, 2012

    @wildpig777...in 2012 I went to cash a check, get my electricity connected and gas turned on, open a back account, went though a Police road block to check for possible DUI's, got on a airplane. traveled overseas, and they all asked for my papers, ID, proof of insurance

  • driverkid3 Jun 17, 2012

    I hope this bill passes this time. We need something like this. With all of you screeching and wailing against it, do you do the same when oyu buy alcohol or tobacco? Do you fuss about it when you have to go to the bank or the hospital or anywhere else that you ahve to show ID? Then what in the bloody blue blazes is your problem with showing it to vote? That is much more important than the things I listed above. Personally, I do think the opponents of this bill are wanting to make sure people vote EVEN when they are not legally able to.

  • forautumn Jun 14, 2012


    worry more bout education, less about supposed voter fraud.

  • SARCASTICLES Jun 13, 2012

    Absolutely bumfuzzlin'......the GOP is running a nationwide campaign against non-existent voter fraud. They HATE it when somebody (most probably an evil agent of the liberal-socialist left-wing media, formerly known as the press) asks one of them "sneaky" questions like: "Where is the PROOF? ;)

  • wildpig777 Jun 13, 2012

    in 1938 the nazis said your papers please.. voter id is just another erosion of freedom. the founding fathers wouldnt stand for it an neither should you. in fact voter id is almost treasoness in my opinion-- there is no voter fraud any any measureable amount in nc an tillus knows it...

  • kodac31 Jun 13, 2012

    It's an absolute SHAME that the Democrats are stopping a Common sense Bill!! The Democrats reason, honestly, they truly know that requiring picture ID is a great common sense law that would completely illiminate NC Voter Fraud at every level. But the Democrats refuse to vote for this Bill ALL BECAUSE they don"t want to lose Illegal Immigrants votes that are unlawfully cast for Dems, also, they know it would stop Felons from voting & people from voting more than once, etc. That is a showing of the low level of integrity that Democrats are practicing! They are scared of losing elections by not getting those "illegal votes"! THis shows the Democrats true colors!