Colbert pokes fun at NC sea level bill

Posted June 5, 2012

— Comedian Stephen Colbert took aim at a House bill on sea level rise during his Monday night show.

H 819 deals with when properties can be rebuilt along the North Carolina coast. One proposed version of the the bill -- which has not been adopted yet -- would allow property owners to rebuild in areas where climate science suggest they'll have continued problems. Specifically, it would allow / require coastal municipalities to ignore models that show sea level rise would make building or rebuilding in a particular location impractical. 

The North Carolina Coastal Federal has posted a copy of the PCS in question here. The Wilmington paper did a very good background piece on the measure  here.

Here's Colbert's take:




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  • redwolfe Jun 5, 2012

    Having read the proposed bill and the various analasyses and commentaries, this *is* the Republicans attempting to ignore facts and dictate what the scientists have to say about rising sea levels. It is no better than legislating the value of pi to be exactly 3 (instead of the real value.)
    The NC GOP is so afraid of climate change that might result in sea level rise above and beyond the current predictions, that they introduce legislation telling the scientists how to do their jobs and what the results are going to be.
    They fully deserve Colberts scorn, and the attention they are getting on Scientific American and Facebook.
    To misquote Gov. Perdue -- It feels like Tennessee around here.

  • hp277 Jun 5, 2012


    Republicans hate science, but they sure love money.